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Four things everyone should do starting a software development project

Tips from the lead Software Engineer at Prudential financials Prakash Bhanu.

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When we start a project most software engineers hit a mind block, things they planned out end up looking like endless mind mazes which they cant seem to get out. At the beginning of a project it is very easy to overlook some steps however it could lead to some serious hurdles along the way.

To avoid such problems, here are four tips from a successful software engineer, with over 18 years of experience in software development:

1. Map out a communication strategy

It is very important to map out a clear communication strategy, from day one, make sure that the roles are well defined. It is very important to establish a clear communication path to avoid confusion, especially when things start to go wrong and when people start looking for information they should know who to go to. “We need to always keep this in mind, software development projects take time and knowing who to go to in case of a problem and emergency is always very important, ”says Prakash.

2. Create a work strategy

“Do not start coding immediately the project starts,” says Prakash, according to him it is important assess and map out how to go about doing the project. “Starting to code without a plan more often than not messes up the codebase which is just too difficult to maintain and manage,” he said. He further adds that it is important that one aims at reducing maintenance effort as it tends to drain a lot of resources and also drives away the end-users.

Prakash Bhanu. Photo:Prudential financials

3. Choose the right continuous integration system

When working on a new project it is very important to be able to update the changes with minimal effort, so that you can release all the cool new stuff without any problems. When choosing the right continuous integration tool for your project keep the following two things in mind.

a) Use a tool that the team has used before

If you use a tool the team has not used before it will take time for them to get used to it and you will not have to waste time showing your team how to use it.

b) Do not overlook pricing factors

If the tool is pricey it is always a good idea to reconsider it as there are plenty of great tools you can find that are free.

Apart from this he also advises to choose the tools and the human resource that you are going to use wisely and listen to your team find out about their preferences and most developers love to have the freedom to work in their own way.

4. Stop Procrastination and get to work

Once you have decided the right tools, come up with a plan and have divided the work don't waste any more time and get to work, because when you are developing a new project it is usually easy to get lost in our thoughts and think about solutions in our heads or how to do it.

“Instead of wasting time in thinking about the project, grab a notebook, grab your team and jot down all the things you need to do. Allocate duties and kick start the project, ”said Prakash, who feels that this is one the secondary factors which usually tends delays the project.

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