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Financial aid from Trump on unemployment: when and how much will be paid in different states

Additional unemployment benefits of $ 300 and $ 400, sanctioned by President Trump, have already begun to be paid in a number of states. At the same time, many states continue to modify computer systems to begin processing extended benefits. This process has led many applicants to wonder when they will be able to receive additional funds. Forbes.

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To answer this question, Forbes compiled data from all states applying for these benefits. In addition to the status of the FEMA application for each state and the amount of the benefit, the publication publishes the most recent known dates when additional payments will begin.


  • FEMA Application: Approved September 1
  • Amount: $ 300
  • Start of payments: to be confirmed

The Illinois Department of Employment Safety and Security's FAQ page says, "IDES will work as hard and fast as possible to distribute Lost Wage Assistance (LWA) benefits as soon as funds are received."


  • FEMA Application: Approved Aug 22
  • Amount: $ 300
  • Payments start: September 7

California will begin paying additional benefits from September 7, 2020 for at least 3 weeks. More details - here.

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New Jersey

  • FEMA Application: Approved September 4
  • Amount: $ 300
  • Payments start: October

New Jersey, as one of the last states to apply for the program, still has a lot of work to do in changing its computer systems for sending payments. The current forecast promises that payments will be made in a lump sum in October.

New York

  • FEMA Application: Pending
  • Amount: $ 300
  • Start of payments: to be confirmed

New York was one of the last states to apply for the program. The state also said it would take some time to set up the computer systems so that payments could be processed. Here news bulletin, published by the New York City Department of Labor.


  • FEMA Application: Approved Aug 28
  • Amount: $ 300
  • Start of payments: to be confirmed

A recent press release says it will be published on website The Employment Department when the expected payment date becomes known.


  • FEMA Application: Approved Aug 24
  • Amount: $ 300
  • Payments start: until September 14

Pennsylvania will begin paying benefits by September 14, according to one report. Unlike most other states, applicants must complete applications for loss of wage benefits.

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  • FEMA Application: Approved Aug 29
  • Amount: $ 300
  • Payments start: September 11

On September 4, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunities released a statement:

“The Department is working hard to implement the necessary technological changes to ensure that eligible Florida residents receive benefits through the Wage Loss Assistance Program as soon as possible. The LWA program will allow Florida to offer applicants an additional $ 300 per week. To be eligible for this benefit, applicants must receive a weekly benefit of at least $ 100 in an approved employment assistance program and must prove that they are unemployed or partially unemployed due to COVID-19. Payments will be retroactive until the week ended August 1, 2020. ”

As of September 7, payments have already begun in Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota, Texas.

All approved states will pay $ 300 each, except for Kansas, Kentucky, Montana, Vermont, and West Virginia.

A complete list of due dates for all states - here.

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