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Coronavirus financial loss of Americans in one picture: infographics

Nearly half of Americans faced declines in income during the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a major economic downturn in the United States, second only to the Great Depression.

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Company survey, showed that 49% of US adults felt the negative impact of coronavirus on their income. Most often, the cause of financial losses was layoffs, forced unpaid leave or a reduction in working hours.

Among the respondents who reported a loss of income due to the pandemic, only 17% said they had already returned to normal, 42% expected that they would return to the pre-crisis level over the next six months, 37% believed that it would take more than six months, and 4% suggest that their income will never be fully restored.

Infographics: ForumDaily

The survey was conducted June 18-23 among 3 adult Americans. His data suggests that income generation is more affected by representatives of generation Z (aged 753 to 18 years), followed by millennials (23-24 years old) and representatives of generation X (39-40 years old). In each of these groups, more than half of the respondents suffered financial losses, although the national average was 55%.

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Most respondents expressed concern that another outbreak of coronavirus would further harm their finances. 92% of those already financially affected by the pandemic suggest that the second wave will exacerbate their problems. Among those for whom COVID-19 did not create financial difficulties, 62% expressed concerns about the economic impact of the second wave of the pandemic on them.

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