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Food Truck Festival & Preschool Giveaway: How to Spend a Weekend in New York (Aug 14-16)

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What: Course “A Brief History of the Earth”

When: Friday-Sunday, August 14-16

Where: Online

More: On the this course you will learn the history of the creation and development of our planet, you will understand how volcanoes with oceans appeared and life in its various manifestations arose.

Cost: Free options

What: Anima Animals Exhibition

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Friday-Sunday, August 14-16


More: Anima Animals presents a portrait gallery of enchanted characters that embody the author's carefully thought-out mixture of archetype, kitsch and the artist's narrative mysticism. Brilliant, rosy-cheeked, wide-eyed divine beings. The canvases are enclosed in ornate handmade wooden frames. Created by a design artist, they are part of the artwork and expand the traditional boundaries of the image plane.

The characters' otherworldly demeanors feature the unique, playfully proportioned faces of vintage 1950s plush toys. While many of these creatures display a benevolent smile framed by soft tendrils of fur, curls, and silk bows, there is a darker tension beneath the surface, hinting at the ghostly resonance of the subconscious.

Cost: From $ 0

What: Future Movement Course

When: Friday-Sunday, August 14-16

Where: Online

More: The two main directions for the development of modern transport are robotization and electrification. Self-driving technologies will help reduce the number of cars in cities and make streets safer, and green fuel will reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In this case, fewer cars will be needed for each person, and the urban environment will be much less polluted. Why aren't drones still parked at every corner? Can a self-driving car drive without a map and GPS signal? Who is safer behind the wheel - a human or a robot? Which is more convenient - to charge an electric car from a power outlet or fill it with hydrogen? Is it possible to obtain truly environmentally friendly fuel without any harm to the planet? On the this course you will learn about the main trends in the development of new modes of transport.

Cost: Free options

What: Food Truck Festival

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Friday, August 14, from 12: 00

Where: Holtermann's Bakery, 405 Arthur Kill Rd, Staten Island, NY 10308

More: At this festival, the best food trucks will gather in one place to prepare their most famous dishes for the festival goers. Guests can enjoy delicious treats: crunchy snacks, fresh pancakes and muffins, mouth-watering tacos, sandwiches, grilled dishes and more.

In addition, there will be various entertainment and live music.

Cost: Free options

What: English for beginners

When: Friday-Sunday, August 14-16

Where: Online

More: There are 25 logically connected classes in which you will learn to express yourself in English easily and fluently. You have to plunge into the real English atmosphere gradually continuing to get acquainted with all aspects of the English language without undue rush.

Cost: Free options

What: Fair on Hester Street

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Saturday, 15 August, with 11: 00

Where: Hester Street Fair, 28 Essex Street, New York, NY, 10002

More: БThe Horse Market on the Lower East Side brings together some of the best sellers from city and state, with new companies joining the list all the time. Every day the organizers choose a different theme for the fair.

Cost: Free options

What: Integral World course

When: Friday-Sunday, August 14-16

Where: Online

More: It is difficult to imagine life in a metropolis without smartphones, intelligent systems and computers. They open up wide opportunities for communication and building a fundamentally new world. Humanity is developing, and with it what surrounds it. But in order to understand what technologies will appear in the future, you need to have an idea of ​​how and from what they are produced now. On the this course you will learn about the development of microelectronics, the importance of microcircuits in the emergence of computer systems and information technologies, from which the future of mankind will be built.

Cost: Free options

What: Preschool Giveaway

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Saturday, 15 August, with 12: 00

Where: Canarsie Park East 102nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11236

More: The school year will begin soon. This means that the time has come to stock up on stationery, portfolios and other school items. This giveaway is a great opportunity to get a lot of interesting and useful things for free. To do this, you just need to first register and then come to the event. All visitors must wear masks and maintain a social distance.

Cost: Free options

What: Silent disco

When: Saturday, 15 August, with 22: 00

Where: Now and Then 290 Meserole Street Brooklyn, NY 11206

More: Lovers of nightlife are invited to a quiet disco, where guests can choose from several dance music options. They will be entertained by three DJs who will offer different directions in music, so everyone can choose what they like. All visitors are required to maintain a social distance.

Cost: $ 0-20

What: Antiquity Hunt in Central Park

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Sunday, 16 August, with 13: 00

Where: Central Park, New York, NY

More: Experience Central Park in a new way on this hunt. This is a fun way to connect with new people or chat with friends you know.

If you don't have a team, they will find one for you. You will go looking for interesting and historical sites that are part of the park. After the hunt, you will have the opportunity to chat with your new friends.

Cost: Free options

Dear readers! Please note that due to the epidemic of coronavirus infection, some activities may be canceled or rescheduled for other dates. Therefore, before visiting, we recommend checking the information on the organizer's website.

But we have collected many interesting events for you online:

  • offer to recover in one of 11 virtual tours of New York.
  • if you have long wanted to visit the best museums and theaters, now now, without leaving your home, do it - just go at this link.
  • Get Free Access to US University Online Courses here.
  • about how to usefully spend two weeks at home during quarantine, read in this publication.
  • here - 50 free courses on a variety of topics
  • by going to this link, you can visit the most famous castles in Europe
  • dozens of free resources for fun boring self-isolation we have collected here.

In addition, look for interesting events for every day of the week in our calendar. Come in, find out, share with friends. Before the visit, specify the details and venue of the events on the sites of the organizers, as they may change.

Keep us updated on what's happening in your city. Send information about events for the Russian-speaking diaspora to e-mail

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