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Gelato Festival and Pumpkin Harvesting: How to Spend a Weekend in Los Angeles (Oct 2-4)

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What: PaleyFest in Los Angeles

When: Friday-Sunday, October 2-4

Where: Online

More: Paley Fest is an annual festival of exclusive episodes, clips and panel discussions featuring actors and creators of the most popular TV shows. This year's show includes screenings, broadcasts, and discussions about Outlander, One Day At a Time, Queer Eye, and Mrs America.

Cost: Free options

What: Gathering Pumpkins at Underwood Family Farms

When: Friday-Sunday, October 2-4

Where: Moorpark Location 3370 Sunset Valley Road Moorpark, CA 93021

More: Every October, Underwood Family Farms turns into an autumn wonderland with the Fall Harvest Festival celebrations each weekend with a variety of events. Throughout the month, the farm offers live music, animal shows, corn mazes, tractor riding and a great variety of pumpkins.

The farm is open to the public on weekdays, albeit with much less entertainment.

Cost: $ 8-22

What: Course "Who is God"

When: Friday-Sunday, October 2-4

Where: Online

More: From the idea of ​​God through the thought that he is not, to the question of what could be instead of Him, as well as an explanation of complex philosophical memes, a comparison of the main concepts of ancient philosophy and Christianity, the test "Which God did this?" - all this and not only will be discussed at this course.

Cost: Free options

What: Butterfly Pavilion at the Museum of Natural History

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Friday-Sunday, October 2-4

Where: Exposition Park 900 Exposure Blvd Los Angeles 90007 Natural History Museum

More: Visitors can see over 30 species of butterflies and moths among a variety of California plants. The seasonal outdoor exhibition will allow adults and children to observe nature in the immediate vicinity, and there will be an opportunity to play with butterflies.

The main activity time for butterflies is between 10:00 and 11:00.

Cost: $ 0-19

What: Apple picking at Los Rios Ranch

When: Friday-Sunday, October 2-4

Where: Los Rios Rancho, 39611 Oak Glen Rd. Oak Glen Ca. Xnumx

More: Los Rios Rancho offers visitors 24 different varieties of apples. Guests can taste fresh cider and other natural treats. There will also be barbecues and pastries; there is a handmade goods store on the territory of the ranch.

And the farm provides the opportunity to collect pumpkins and berries.

Cost: $ 0-3

What: Horror Film Festival Beyond Fest 2019

When: Friday-Sunday, October 2-4

Where: The festival takes place from 2 to 8 October, there are both paid and free screenings at several locations, the schedule is according to link.

More: This is the worst and the biggest genre film festival in Los Angeles. The 2020 program of the year is filled with long-loved nightmares and horror fans, as well as bold premieres.

Along with the screening of classic horror films, guests will be able to see world premieres of films, and even personally communicate with their creators.

Cost: $ 0-12

What: Halloween Road Exhibition

When: Friday-Sunday, October 2-4

Where: Heritage Square Museum, 3800 Homer St, Los Angeles, CA 90031

More: Halloween Road is an open-air car park that recreates the scenery from the horror movies The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus and other fan favorite movies, including Ghostbusters. Here, guests in their own cars will plunge into the world of cinema by Tim Burton and other horror masters.

Cost: Free options

What: Screening of the film "We"

When: Friday, October 2, from 19:00

Where: Address emailed with ticket Los Angeles, CA 90034

More: In 1986, little Adelaide Thomas is on vacation with her parents in Santa Cruz. After a while, she moves away from her parents and enters the "House of Laughter" - an attraction in the form of a mirror maze. In one of the rooms, Adelaide suddenly collides with a girl with her back to her. She is shocked that the stranger looks exactly like her. Adelaide returns to her parents, but the child is psychologically traumatized and unable to speak.

Cost: $ 0-30

What: Jelato festival

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Saturday-Sunday, October 3-4

Where: Pacific Design Center 8687 Melrose Ave West Hollywood Los Angeles, CA 90069

More: Gelato is a popular Italian frozen dessert made from fresh cow's milk, cream and sugar with the addition of berries, nuts, chocolate and fresh fruit.

Gelato differs from ordinary ice cream in its low content of milk fats: it contains several times less of them than in ordinary ice cream (in gelato - 4-6%). But it has more sugar in it. This ice cream is creamy, tender and dense in texture, it melts slowly due to its low air content.

Each visitor to the festival will be able to cook gelato on their own, take part in master classes from chefs, in a food competition, and more.

Cost: From $ 0

What: Car cinema / "Beetlejuice"

When: Sunday, October 4, from 19:30

Where: Gardena Cinema 14948 Crenshaw Boulevard Gardena, CA 90249

More: Barbara and Adam Maitlands have decided to devote their vacation to ennobling their idyllic Connecticut country home. Barbara's cousin Jane Butterfield, an assertive real estate agent, is harassing the couple with offers to sell their home, which is "too big for a family without children." When the couple returns from the city, Barbara sharply turns the steering wheel so as not to run over the dog, and the car falls into the river ...

Back home, Adam decides to follow his way back as they can't remember how they got here. When he goes outside, he is pulled into a desert world with monstrous sandworms, but Barbara drags him back out. The wife claims that he was gone for two hours, although it seems to him that not even a minute has passed. The Maitlands notice that they are no longer reflected in the mirrors. They find a "Handbook for Recently Departed" and realize that they died in an accident.

Cost: From $ 25

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