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How to rent a house in the US: the most complete instructions and useful tips

Anastasia Babenko, the author of the adb_companion blog, collected all the necessary information about renting housing in America. In the article, she spoke about the types of housing that is being rented, search methods, tenant requirements, additional payments, and also gave useful tips on this matter.

USA and Switzerland: a subjective view of life in two countries

What is the difference and difference between the two rich countries - the United States and Switzerland? Anastasia Babenko, author of the adb_companion blog, described in detail her impressions of life in two countries. Why the USA and Switzerland? For some time my husband and I lived in Switzerland, ...

Personal experience: how to move to the United States on a visa for talented people

Anastasia Babenko, the author of the adb_companion blog, in great detail told about how her husband received a visa О1 - the so-called visa for talented people. ForumDaily publishes an article with the permission of the author. Moving to the US was our dream with my husband. He is a specialist in ...

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