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FBI checked almost 20 million potential US arms buyers

This year, employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States checked a record number of people who wanted to buy weapons or get permission for them. Reports about it

For 11 months of this year, the bureau reported on 19,7 million checks.

The largest number of inspections fell on Black Friday. On November 27 this year, the bureau staff carried out more than 185 thousand inspections. This is 5% more than in 2014.

FBI officials arrange checks, citing the so-called Brady Act, signed by Bill Clinton in 1993. The law allows bureau employees to verify data on those who buy weapons. Thus, the FBI can find out whether a potential buyer of a weapon has a criminal record.

Earlier, "Forum" wrote that more Americans died from firearmsthan from wars, aids and terrorists.

“Forum” has already said that the result of an attack December 2 at the Inland Regional Medical Center in San Bernardino, California, providing assistance to people with developmental disabilities, killed at least 14 people. Another 17 man, according to police, was injured.

In late November, one of the clinics Planned Parenthood attacked armed opponent of abortion... Robert Lewis Deere, 57, walked into the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs and opened fire on visitors and staff, as well as police officers who arrived at the scene of the shooting. At the hands of the "Colorado shooter" three people were killed, including a policeman, nine more were injured.

In the beginning of October, 26-year-old Chris Carper Mercer, armed to the teeth устроил massacre in public college and left a hateful note on the crime scene. As a result of the attack, ten people were killed and seven were injured.


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