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FBI warns of fraud W-2

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The US Tax Service (IRS) warns of a sharp increase in fraud through mail (the so-called "phishing") with the form of W-2, so that social security numbers and other data fall into dirty hands, the newspaper writes Los Angeles Times.

According to the FBI, 200 enterprises, schools, universities and non-profit organizations have already suffered this year. As a result of this scam, several hundred thousand of these employees were in the hands of fraudsters.

Cyber ​​fraudsters send e-mails, allegedly from the leaders of these organizations that request employee payroll. Sometimes the personnel department gets a list of all employees and their W-2 form. Some emails also ask companies to transfer money to a specified bank account.

The IRS has published an email address for businesses and organizations that have suffered the theft of W-2: Be sure to specify the subject of the letter “W-2 scam".

Companies and organizations that receive a suspicious email, but do not become a victim, should send it to also with the theme “W-2 scam”.

Anyone injured should contact the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center through its website. .

Here is what the tax administration recommends in order not to become a victim of fraudsters:

  • If you receive a suspicious letter, take the phone and call the person who allegedly sent it. Use the number that is in your contact list, and not the one that may be contained in the letter. Please clarify that this person actually made the request.
  • Make sure that all employees with access to W-2 or other sensitive information are aware of these scammers. Make sure they know about phishing attacks, including incorrect email addresses.
  • Buy software that will display suspicious emails.

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