FBI arrests suspect in Pentagon leak: Guy 'loves guns and God'

The FBI has arrested a suspect in a leak of classified Pentagon documents. It turned out to be a 21-year-old employee of the National Guard (Air Force unit) of Massachusetts Jack Teixeira. It is alleged that he posted classified documents on the social network Discord. Writes about it Voice of America.

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The FBI said it "has made an arrest and continues to conduct authorized law enforcement activity at an apartment building in North Dayton, Massachusetts," amid media reports that a suspect has been identified in the case of the leak of classified data.

Justice Department chief Merrick Garland said the FBI had arrested Jack Teixeira "in connection with an investigation into the alleged unauthorized removal, storage and transmission of classified national defense information."

The leaks were "a deliberate, criminal act," the Pentagon said. Teixeira will appear in federal court in Boston.

The arrested person was charged with the seizure and transfer of classified information. He faces up to 15 years in prison.

What is known about the arrested

Teixera is alleged to have provided classified information to a small group of like-minded individuals who seem to share his "love of guns, military equipment and God" on the popular Discord platform among gamers. with the BBC.

Friends said he was older than most of the teenage members of the group and they perceived him as the leader.

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One of them claims that Teixeira, through his work, did indeed have access to intelligence documents.

It is known that Teixeira graduated from high school in his hometown of North Dayton (Massachusetts) in 2020.

He began service with the Massachusetts Air National Guard, a US Air Force reserve, and joined the 102nd Reconnaissance Wing.

According to inside information, his official position is an apprentice for Cyber ​​Transport Systems (probably referring to the cybersecurity of the transport industry). It is reported that Teixeira's family still has soldiers.

His stepfather retired after 34 years of service. His last position was as a senior sergeant of the 102nd reconnaissance wing, the unit where Teixeira himself served.

Teixeira's mother previously worked for veterans' nonprofits and the Massachusetts Department of Veterans.

"Everyone respected this guy"

Teixeira oversaw a small online group of 20-30 people called Thug Shaker Central, whose members are predominantly young adults and teenagers, united over a common passion for guns, racist online memes and video games.

Access there is by invitation only. The group watched films together and prayed.

One of its participants described Teixeira as a young and charismatic gun enthusiast.

Other members reported that Teixeira is older than most of the members of the group and seemed eager to impress them:

“He was a myth. Legend. Everyone respected this guy."

The guy told his friends that he works in an organization where it is forbidden to use phones.

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It is known that he went online under different names (TheExcaliburEffect, jackdjdtex and TexKilledYou) and shared confidential information in a chat.

But he reportedly posted photos of the secret files after he became frustrated that the other members didn't pay attention to prior information from him.

He once sent an angry message to the group, complaining that everyone was more interested in YouTube videos.

“He was upset and said more than once: if you guys are not going to interact with the files, I will stop sending them,” said an unnamed member of the group.

One of the teenagers voiced a theory why Teixeira shared the documents:

"This guy was really a Christian, anti-war, he just wanted to tell some of his friends about what was going on."

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • In early April, according to senior officials in the administration of US President Joe Biden, there were secret military documents releaseddetailing secret US and NATO plans to build up the capacity of the Ukrainian military ahead of a planned counter-offensive against Russian forces in Ukraine.
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