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What to wear in New York to be at the peak of fashion

Photo Yegor Tsodov.

Want to look fashionable - wear only one-color black. Or white. And if you want to add a little Antwerp “chic” - beige or gray. Photo Yegor Tsodov

“Earlier in the morning, I leave my Soho entrance, head to toe in black — a slip dress, leather jacket, glasses and sneakers. And surely someone will tell me on the street: “Oh, yes, you look like a real New Yorker!”, My friend Olya Krasnova, director of the FashionOne international channel, confesses for coffee (of course, black). Together we have 20 years of experience in the fashion industry (gloss, television, cinema and PR). And of course, we learned the lesson early - if you want to look fashionable and not "take risks" - wear only solid black. Or white. And if you want to add a little Antwerp "chic" - beige or gray.

But the rule of black in New York has reached an incredible absolute: in the wardrobe of any New Yorker there should be black pumps, black “washed-out” jeans, a black well-worn jacket-black jacket, black sunglasses and a sign black bag (regard it as the main attachment).


Olya Krasnova, director of the international channel FashionOne. For two, we have 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. Photos from the personal archive

Depending on seasonal trends, additional elements appear, but the basics remain in New Yorkers' wardrobe all year round, regardless of the change of seasons, weather disasters and the decisions of fashion designers. Yes, the New Yorkers have become almost independent from them.

The “faceless” fashion of New York is in contrast to many cities: in Shanghai, fashion has become “powdery” colors - blue, pink, mint, lemon. "Mods" dress like they work in a candy store. In Italy there are bright flashy colors and no less bright flowers that “jump” on skirts, dresses and jackets. And although now we all live in the era of globalization, it is impossible to judge fashion by “youth” - H&M, Zara and Forever 21 overwhelmed everyone from 12 to 21 years old and older.

But such intolerance to “color”, as in New York, is no longer found anywhere in the world.

Frankly, when I first went to New York, I expected the heroes of Sex & TheCity and GossipGirl to defile the streets of the city, expecting bright, unusual 50-style dresses, large brooches, ballet tutus, and bold cuts.

But what was my disappointment - to get to the first week of fashion and understand that all gloss workers do not take off black. I went for a walk on Madison Avenue - and again everything is in black. I went down to Soho - everything is the same. And even in Chelsea, where it would seem, you can see artists and gallerists dressed in a lot - again, not a single interesting image.


Such intolerance to “color”, as in New York, is no longer found anywhere in the world. Photo Yegor Tsodov

Six years later, the situation does not change, except that New Yorkers have added more gray to their palette, but the bright colors are still not recognized here.

For example, when I got together for a career consultation with a large American PR company in the field of cinema, in the middle of a hot July, I put on a white dress, a white jacket and light-colored shoes. In Moscow, I was always in white at interviews and important meetings and was the winner. What was my surprise when, in the middle of the consultation, the vice-president of the company recommended that I no longer appear in this form.

The uniform in the media, as he said, is simple and uncomplicated - sneakers, blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a black jacket. No exceptions.

But what about Samantha Jones and her bright outfits? “There is no fashion anymore,” Olya throws in me, and indeed, in New York, the mod seems to have disappeared - all you have to do is recall the films and pictures from 50, 60, 70 and the same 90, each the era was special, and it’s not so important where local dandies were from - from the Bronx or Upper East Side, they looked like no one - furs, eccentric costumes, canes - this style was copied, imitated and interpreted all over the world. Now ugly style reigns here. Thank you, for this, by the way, I must say to our compatriot - Gosha Rubchinsky - it was he who set the gop-mode, and teenagers from sleeping areas from disadvantaged Moscow districts became his heroes. And soon she was picked up and developed by Vetements designer and Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia, by the way, is Georgian by origin. He put on all New York and Paris in hoodies with the inscription “Zemfira” on the back.


Over the years, the situation has not changed, except that New Yorkers have added more gray to their “palette”, but the bright colors are still not recognized here. Photo Yegor Tsodov

“I often feel too tidy in New York. Going out into the street, you notice that the most fashionable people are dressed casually. Ragged jeans, a stretched T-shirt, rough boots - all in muted colors. The goal is not to show that you care about how you look at all. And believe me, such a “bow” takes no less time than gathering for a business reception, ”Olya admits, and I agree with her. To be honest, in 3 years of living in New York, I took out an iron twice, a steamer - no more than 10 times. New York does not just forgive not the cleanest shoes, and “wrinkles” on shirts, and an incorrectly buttoned button on a jacket, it has begun to cultivate these violations. Now it seems that the dirtier and tattered your jeans, the better. I got a T-shirt from my uncle who works at DHL - put it on at a fashion show more boldly, and my dad got a sheepskin coat-pilot, which literally “burst” in places - there is no price for it, shake off the dust and get ready for outbreaks of street-style photographers.

So what is left for fashionistas? Oddly enough - the perfect appearance.

At the time when it seems, clothes do not mean anything and completely different indicators come to the fore. For New Yorkers, these are perfect teeth and nails. When you can find a beauty salon on every corner of New York, where in 20 minutes and $ 8-10 your nails will be in order, because walking with burrs is at least strange. Special attention - teeth.

For example, in the 2000s, outfits "shone" with Swarovski crystals, but the teeth - small crystals (sometimes diamonds) were placed in the teeth. In the 80s and 90s, hip-hop culture was at the height of fashion and inspired everyone to put in gold teeth. Now everyone wants to radiate health - and here the indicator is a smile.

Dentist Leonard Umanov, who has 15 years of practice in New York and thousands of clients behind him, notes: “If 10-15 years ago a snow-white Hollywood smile was the lot of the“ elite ”, today it is an affordable procedure. Now every third or fourth patient asks me about teeth whitening, and laser whitening is in demand in New York. In a city where everyone is in a hurry, it takes just an hour to get your teeth in order. ” According to the dentist, every person in America whitens their teeth to one degree or another. That's right - try going to the pharmacy and find a paste with no whitening effect.


So what is left for fashionistas? Oddly enough - the perfect appearance. Photo - Egor Tsodov

By the way, one of the “star” dermatologists admitted that “bleached” skin is also in fashion - looking at me, green and tired, he said that Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour would “kill” for such a skin color.

Now, New Yorkers are not running to the stores to buy the latest items, no, they all go to the gym, give each other the coordinates of their cosmetologists, buy special eyebrow makeup kits (!), And do not mind going to the other end of the city to the organic food store . As for feathers, sparkles and other artificial materials, they will have to wait until fashion returns to New York.

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