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Physically healthy 29-year-old woman granted euthanasia due to depression

Zoraya ter Beek, a 29-year-old Dutch woman, has suffered from chronic depression and anxiety since childhood. She tried all types of treatment and eventually asked for euthanasia. The Netherlands provided her with this opportunity, reports IndiaToday.

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Zoraya got an “inverted tree of life” tattoo on her left arm. She tries to find solace in death. The Dutch woman has suffered from chronic depression, anxiety and unspecified personality disorders since childhood. The girl asked for euthanasia, that is, assisted death. This was approved by the Dutch government.

Euthanasia is the process of assisting in the painless death of a person suffering from chronic pain due to an irreversible disease. But Zoraya is physically healthy.

Media hype

Zoraya recently received final approval for euthanasia after undergoing a three-and-a-half year process under a law passed in the Netherlands in 2002.

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Her case has sparked controversy because euthanasia is still rare in the Netherlands.

Discussion of Zoraya's story in the media caused her enormous stress.

She said she understands that cases of euthanasia can be controversial.

“A lot of people think that when you're mentally ill you can't think straight, and that's offensive,” Zoraya said. “I understand people's fears about euthanasia and their concern that people may be forced to die. But in the Netherlands this law has been in force for more than 20 years. There are really strict rules. It's really safe."

Last resort

According to Dutch law, for euthanasia a person must be in “unbearable suffering with no prospect of improvement.”

Euthanasia was not Zoraya's original plan. She struggled with depression and anxiety - I tried everything.

After meeting her partner, she thought she would recover.

“But I kept hurting myself and thinking about suicide,” the Dutch woman said.

She used intensive care, medications, and even electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

“During therapy, I learned a lot about myself and coping mechanisms, but it did not solve the underlying problems. At the beginning of treatment, we are full of hope - I also thought that I would get better. But the longer the treatment continues, the faster you lose hope,” Zoraya explained. “I knew I couldn’t cope with the way I was living now.”

She thought about committing suicide, but the death of a school friend by suicide and its impact on the girl's family stopped Zoraya.

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“I completed ECT in August 2020, and in December of the same year I already submitted an application for euthanasia. The practice of ending a person's life is a long and complex process. It doesn’t mean you ask for euthanasia on Monday and by Friday you’re already dead,” Zoraya noted.

She admitted that she does not regret her decision, but feels guilty because she had a partner, family, and friends.

“I am not blind to their pain. And I was scared. But I am absolutely determined to get through this,” the girl said.

At each stage, the doctors asked the patient if she was confident in her decision. It must be said that the partner supported his friend everywhere, while many from the Internet community discouraged her. But soon Zoraya's wish will come true.

“They will give me a sedative first, and until I fall into a coma, they will not inject me with the medicine that will stop my heart. This is comparable to the process of falling asleep. My partner will be with me. But I told him that it’s okay if he has to leave the room until the moment of death,” she shared the details. “We are ready for this and are gaining a certain peace.” I feel guilty. But sometimes when you love someone, you have to let them go."

On the appointed day, probably at the end of May, a medical team will come to Zoraya's house to carry out euthanasia.

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