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Jewish Federations of North America donate $5,4 million to aid Holocaust survivors

Many Holocaust survivors say that the war in Ukraine reminded them of the horrors they went through.

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On the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, celebrated on January 27, the Center for Assistance to Survivors at Jewish Federations of North America announced a total of $5,4 million in grants to help Holocaust survivors and traumatized older people.

The allocated funding will support the work of dozens of Jewish and non-Jewish NGOs that provide social services to thousands of Holocaust survivors, as well as people caring for elderly relatives.

Help Center for Holocaust Survivors Jewish Federations of North America was created in 2015. Since the centre's inception, approximately 35 Holocaust survivors, 000 professional aged caregivers, 16 aged caregivers, and 000 older trauma survivors have benefited from the center.

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According to various estimates, there are about 50 Holocaust survivors in the United States. More than half of them live in poverty.

More than 70% of Holocaust survivors receiving various types of assistance from Jewish Federation of North America, are immigrants from the countries of the former USSR. It is for this reason that a significant part of the staff working with Holocaust survivors are Russian-speaking staff.

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Holocaust survivors say that the war has reminded them of old traumas. Many of them were born and raised in Ukraine, so the news about the course of hostilities, in which older people hear the familiar names of cities and towns, involuntarily transfers them to the events of those years and reminds them of the horrors they experienced.

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