Bricolage photo exhibition

Kara Barer begins her photographic process with books and sometimes uses other types of paper in her work, such as maps, newspapers, travel photographs, and phone books. By folding, coloring and manipulating pages, it gives objects new shapes. Thanks to her captured image, she can give new life to old books and papers.

Rather than looking for new materials, Barer was tasked with using what she had on hand due to the limitations of the pandemic. Fortunately, over the years of collecting a huge number of books and articles, Barrer has found what she needs to start creating. Barer experimented with a variety of techniques, texts, textures and colors to create Bricolage, a vibrant and uplifting piece that overcomes the hardships of the past year.


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City:San Francisco Bay Area
Address:Andrea Schwartz Gallery 545 4th Street San Francisco, CA 94107
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