Valery Meladze in Chicago

A Russian pop star with a Georgian temperament, the most sincere, talented and charmingly impulsive artist, a real man, whose repertoire includes songs of various genres and directions from melodic and romantic, to fast and modern. Valery Meladze conquered several generations of listeners. Someone remembers his younger years with his songs, and someone grew up and was brought up under his voice in a tape recorder. There are those who danced their first slow dance under his “Sir”, “Eve of Christmas Eve” and other famous compositions.

Each live concert of Valery Meladze is an event, because it is not just a meeting with a romantic, skeptic, passionate lover or a passionate lover - this is a meeting with a musician, an Artist with a capital letter, who has been on stage for several years and sings for you. He sings so that it is your day, your whole life that becomes lighter, kinder, so that everything around you, even for the evening, is “desperately beautiful.” His every concert is an enchanting celebration of music and unforgettable impressions.


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Address:Evanston Auditorium, 1600 Dodge Avenue Evanston, IL 60201
Price:$ 70 off
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