The play 'Dialogues in a cage' / Festival 'Brooklyn Bridge - 2021'

Festival "Brooklyn Bridge-2021”, Which runs from March to July, is a series of performances by Russian-speaking theaters from all over the world. You will be able to get acquainted with new works of talented figures of the Russian theater from different countries.

And these are not just video performances, but a kind of new genre - performances created precisely online in a fit of communication with the audience.

Within the framework of this festival, on June 27, the Theater Laboratory from Ukraine will present an online premiere of the play "Dialogues in a Cage".

There are three birds in the birdcage: a woman and two men. Some of them have been here for a long time. Someone hits for the first time. And someone from one cell goes to another. Their relationship to the cage, to freedom and to each other creates comedic and dramatic situations with exciting intrigue and an unexpected ending. The trouble is not that we are in a cage. The trouble is that the cage is in us.

Tickets - by link.

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