Workshop on wars in the 21st century

Under the vague goals of the so-called perpetual wars of the twenty-first century, the military and the arms industry increasingly prioritize battles for hearts and minds. Collaboration between military interests and forms of “soft” cultural power involves not only innovators in games and other visual technologies, but also practitioners and scholars in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Culture has long been used to help overcome popular resistance to violence, occupation and imperialism, or to reduce the damage done to their mind and body. However, in public discourse, the cynical realism and dark memories that emerged from the undeniable horrors of 20th century mass fighting have given way to a resurgence of 19th century romantic militarism.

This seminar will examine the continuity and change in the militarization of culture and assess the challenges that the current situation presents for the development of peace, equality and justice.

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