Screening of the Ukrainian film 'Guide'

The events of the film take place in 1932-1933 in the Ukrainian SSR during industrialization, collectivization and on the eve and during the Holodomor and repression of representatives of the Executed Renaissance. American engineer Michael Shamrock, together with his ten-year-old son Peter, comes to Kharkov to work as a foreign specialist, where he falls in love with actress Olga Levitskaya.

OGPU employee Vladimir is also in love with Olga, who is trying with all his might to get rid of a competitor. Accidentally, secret documents about the massive seizure of food and the accompanying repression, planned by the Soviet government, fall into the hands of Shamrock. When he gets on the train with his son, Michael is killed by the special services, and Peter runs and hides in the carriage of another train. The murder is attributed to the sabotage of "agents of world imperialism."

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