Film screening at the cemetery

On July 16, visitors will be shown the film “Showgirls”.

Young dancer Nomi Malone comes to Las Vegas to make her mark and enter the glittering world of bright lights, glitter and light. The driver who brought her to the city takes her to the casino and leaves with all her money and things. In shock, Nomi almost gets hit by a passing car, but she is saved by an African-American girl, Molly. Nomi moves in with her. Molly works as a costume designer for the city's famous erotic show at the fashionable Stardust Hotel.

Nomi starts working as a stripper at a mid-range strip club. She does it well, she is popular with visitors and respected by other girls and management.

One day, with the help of Molly, Nomi gets backstage at the Stardust show and meets local star Crystal Connors, for whom she has mixed feelings from the first conversation. Krystal tells Nomi how to become a prima: "When there is no one left around you, you will be on top."


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City:Los Angeles
Address:Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 9003
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