Screening of the film 'Mean Girls'

Cady Chiron, the 16-year-old daughter of zoologists, recently moved from Africa. She's not ready for her first day at North Shore High School in Evanston. With the help of social outcasts Janice and Damian, Cady learns about various companies. Janice warned them to avoid the school's three most popular girls, led by the sharp-tongued hive queen Regina George, who call themselves "The Bounty". Regina was once Janice's best friend, but they have been despising each other since the eighth grade, when Regina started a rumor about Janice's homosexuality. However, the Bounty accepted Cady and invited her to sit at a table with them and hang out after school. Realizing that Cady had been accepted into Regina's company, Janice came up with a plan to get revenge on Regina for what she had done to her by using Cady as a pawn.


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