New Year fix show 'Santas exist' in Miami

A completely new licensed performance based on the series “Fixics”.

Do your children believe in Santa Claus? Professor Miracles and fixatives will prove to you that it exists!

And not even one! An impressive New Year premiere with the participation of fixatives and a whole company of New Year's elders from different countries.

Teleportation before your eyes! The new invention of the restless Genius Evgenievich allows you to lure any object from anywhere in the world. For the first time, Chudakov invites Simka and Nolik to test the device. Together they try to teleport Santa Claus himself - as without him on the most magical holiday. But the error of the device and the interference from the administrator Uma Palatovna Zanozina leads to the most unexpected consequences: at once three Santa Clauses from different continents will be on the same stage!

“Santas exist!” Is a sparkling family comedy where every spectator will take part in incredible adventures!

Give your child the unforgettable emotions of an animated cartoon! Each FIXY SHOW is a meeting with your favorite characters, exactly the same as on the screen.

And the New Year's show is also:

  • new music games for the entire audience - the fun will reach the very latest rows;
  • New Year's hits and favorite fixelka that you can sing together;
  • bright, kind and very funny story, understandable to children!

New Year's musical comedy in flawless performance.

A festive mood, a sea of ​​children's delight and emotions, from which parents will certainly be charged!


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Address:Julius Littman Performing Arts Theater, 17011 NE 19th Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 33162
Category:children's, in English, culture
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