Vera Polozkova Concert in San Francisco

M.ART presents Vera Polozkova's poetic concert “High Resolution”.

For the first time in San Francisco, Vera Polozkova will present her new concert, where poetry is complemented by music and visual elements. The poems included in the new program somehow resonate with travels and changes in the life of Polozkova, at the same time revolving around eternal topics: love and fear, money and spiritual wealth, age and relationships of people.

Vera Polozkova is well known to those who are interested in Russian poetry. Vera was only 15 years old when she published her first collection of poems, instantly becoming a sensation in modern Russian literature. Currently, she continues to be the most popular young poetess of Russia, having published, together with photographer Olga Pavolga, two collections of poems - “Nepoemanie” and “Hunch”, as well as the book “Photosynthesis”. Polozkova is a new generation phenomenon. She made the audience of social networks fall in love with poetry again and became the flagship of a new wave in literature.

“You are always alone with the poem, and each of them penetrates into you. You can even call it co-authorship, because each person reads a poem in his own way, and for each reader it is about something different, ”says Vera Polozkova.


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City:San Francisco Bay Area
Address:Marines' Memorial Theater, 609 Sutter Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94102
Price:$ 30-50
Category:culture, in English
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