Kartina.TV gives a free subscription to children and parents

Since 1 September Internet TV provider Kartina.TV launched a free plan for children and parents.

Children's tariff includes 12 children's TV channels, including Cartoon HD, CTC kids HD, Visiting a fairy tale, Ani, Multimusic, TiJi, Carousel, O! and others. In addition to TV channels, the free subscription includes cartoons and films for children from 6 to 12 years old.

From September 10 every weekend Kartina.TV adds channels and video libraries for the whole family to the children's tariff. Also on weekends, you can use the archive on the added channels (the recording of the broadcast is stored for 14 days).

Video libraries ivi, PREMIER, START, channels Kinosemya, Ren TV, STS, NTV, TNT, Film premiere, Our new cinema - this is only a part of what subscribers will be able to watch on weekends using the free children's tariff.

To activate the free children's tariff, you need to go to www.kartina.tv/kids and enter your email address to register. At this address you will receive a subscription and a password for subscribing to the children's tariff.

The promotion is valid until the end of autumn.

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