Burlesque show "Mishka Yaponchik - the soul of Odessa" in New York

The exclusive burlesque show "Mishka Yaponchik - the soul of Odessa" is an amazing combination of a variety show program with live sound, where songs and dances, humor and narration, luxurious costumes and, most importantly, unique Odessa flavor are intertwined.

The role of entertainer Jonik Lewandowski in the show is performed by Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Dolinsky. His extraordinary Odessa humor with an accent and witty remarks will keep the viewer in good shape until the very end of the performance.

A talented singer and showman Vladimir Minkin in the image of the legendary Mishka Yapodchik, virtuoso musicians and incendiary dance cabaret will immerse you in the wonderful world of wonderful music and songs in original exclusive arrangements.

13 artists, singers and musicians take part in the concert program.

The concert producer of the project is the famous guitar virtuoso Evgeny Pisak (the former musical director of the Nautilus Pompilius group and the arranger of the Bi-2 group).

The presentation director is the famous director Leonid Shur, in whose creative history there are a lot of show-programs staged in different countries of the world.

The show is based on the story of Odessa Robin Hood Mishka Jap. The audience will be transferred to the elite cabaret of the beginning of the 20th century, where they will witness a grandiose show, a real musical firework of the most beloved and popular Jewish songs in Russian and Yiddish.


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City:New York
Address:Master Theater 1029 Brighton Beach Ave., Brooklyn NY, 11235
Price:$ 45 off
Category:culturein English
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