Free screening of the film 'Elf'

"Elf" (Elf) - a film, a family comedy directed by John Favreau. The slogan of the film is "This holiday, discover your inner elf" ("On this holiday, discover the elf in you").

The boy from the orphanage Buddy Hobbs crawled into a bag to Santa Claus and so became the adopted son of one of his elves. As an adult, Buddy went in search of his own father, but it turned out that he only cares about business, and he does not care about his own son. But Buddy meets her half-younger brother, stepmother and beautiful girl, who believed in his story and decided to help him regain faith in Santa Claus and give him a chance to appear in public.


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City:Los Angeles
Address:W Los Angeles - West Beverly Hills 930 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90024
Category:culture, free, entertainment
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