The Boris Eifman Ballet Theater in New York

One of the most popular ballet companies in the world. Ballet Theater Boris Eifman from St. Petersburg, collecting sold out all over the world, celebrates the 20th anniversary of his first New York performance and for this he returns to this city with the production of Anna Karenina.

Boris Eifman's ballet Anna Karenina is full of inner psychological energy and surprisingly accurate in its emotional impact. Removing all the secondary lines of Leo Tolstoy's novel, the choreographer focused on the love triangle "Anna - Karenin - Vronsky".

With the plasticity of her body, Eifman in her performance conveyed the drama of a reborn woman. According to the choreographer, it was passion, the “basic instinct” that led to a crime against social norms, destroyed maternal love and destroyed Anna Karenina’s inner world. The woman, absorbed and crushed by sensual attraction, is ready to make any sacrifices.

The choreographer notes that his ballet is about today, and not about a bygone era: the timeless emotional content of the performance and direct parallels with reality do not leave modern audiences indifferent. The troupe's performing technique and choreography of Boris Eifman convey all the psychological twists and turns of Tolstoy's novel of the highest level.

The ballet will be accompanied by the New York City Ballet Orchestra conducted by Nikolai Alekseev.


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City:New York
Address:David H. Koch Theater, 20 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023
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