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Hurricane Matthew Evacuation: List of Sanctuaries in South Florida

Evacuation due to Hurricane Matthew: list of shelters in South Florida Credit: depositphotos

Evacuation due to Hurricane Matthew: list of shelters in South Florida.
Photo: depositphotos

In connection with the evacuation of Hurricane Matthew in South Florida will open shelters for people forced to leave their homes because of the elements.

Please note that not every shelter will be open during each evacuation, so before you go there, call the hotline in your area.

Edition NBC Miami published a list of shelters in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe County.

Miami dade

  • Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School (pets allowed);
  • North Miami Senior High School;
  • North Miami Beach Senior High School;
  • Highland Oaks Middle School;
  • Miami Central Senior High School;
  • Lawton Chiles Middle School;
  • Hialeah Gardens Senior High School;
  • Barbara Goleman Senior High School;
  • Country Club Middle School;
  • Miami Carol City Senior;
  • Booker T. Washington Senior High School;
  • Ronald Reagan Senior High School;
  • Charles Drew Middle School;
  • Miami Coral Park Senior High School;
  • WR Thomas Middle School;
  • Robert Morgan Senior High School;
  • Terra Environmental Senior High School;
  • Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School;
  • South Miami Senior High School;
  • Felix Varela Senior High School;
  • E. Darwin Fuchs Pavillion (can be with animals).

The addresses of the shelters in Miami-Dade and evacuation rules can be found here.


  • Lyons Creek Middle School;
  • Monarch High School;
  • Coral Glades High School;
  • Fox Trail Elementary School;
  • Rock Island Elementary / Arthur Ashe Middle School;
  • Watkins Elementary School;
  • Park Lakes Elementary School;
  • New Renaissance Middle School;
  • Everglades High School;
  • West Broward High School;
  • Plantation Elementary School;
  • Pompano Beach High School;
  • Falcon Cove Middle School.
  • The addresses of the shelters in Miami-Dade and evacuation rules can be found here.

Monroe County

  • Coral Shores High School (pets allowed);
  • Key West High School (pets allowed);
  • Stanley Switlik Elementary School (possible with animals);
  • Sugarloaf Elementary School (can be with animals).

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