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'Mistresses', 'Kept Women' and black marketeers are the heroes of series on eTVnet

Ilona “fell under layoff” - a wealthy patron cut expenses, and she was not on the list of vital expenses. Subscribers, fans and fashionable friends disappeared along with her lover - the heavy luxury turned out to be a fake, paid for from a once generous pocket. How to return to bohemian life when there is only money left for one trip to the grocery store? The answer is in the series “Discomfort zone”, which can be watched in the START online cinema with a subscription to eTVnet interactive TV.

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Events take place from 1961 to 1991. At the center of the story is the friendship of four guys. Everyone has their own dreams, but circumstances will force them to plunge into all types of the underground economy of the early 1960s. They succeed, but the better they do, the further they are from realizing their real dreams.


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Gosha is an incredibly charming two-meter eccentric whose life is more like a series of ridiculous situations and accidents. Wherever fate takes Gosha, his ingenuity and a shabby briefcase, which contains everything from a sausage sandwich to a goldfish, will always come to his rescue.

"Kept Women"

Photo: eTVnet

All four seasons!

Moscow, our days. The city of big money and passions, magnificent women and wealthy men, social events and dangerous intrigues. Here, beautiful girls dream of entering the world of glamor, flowing silks and sparkling jewelry, and the city's main social matchmaker deftly places them in safe hands. Dasha, an art critic from the provinces, who arrived in the capital, dreams of a new and better life, but a mysterious and cruel incident changes everything.


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Three ordinary Muscovites - a nurse, a student and an actress - meet by chance in a bar and find out that they have all just broken up with their men, who turned out to be tied by marriage. The girls decide to take revenge on their exes. But when the goal is achieved, the friends come up with an idea: using their ingenuity and artistic abilities, they decide to help sisters in misfortune like themselves to expose unfaithful husbands and punish two-faced lovers. After all, there are thousands like them.


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The quiet, intelligent, seemingly pleasant family lived their lives neither well nor badly. After death, they were sent to Purgatory - an intermediate state of souls. Here they are doomed to endless tea drinking, small talk and solving the economic affairs of the office of Hell. In order to undergo re-certification and determine their souls to Heaven or Hell, the family will have to fulfill the task of the more than cunning Lucifer: when the affairs of unassigned souls “accidentally” come to their table, how will each of them manifest themselves? Will he judge? Will he have mercy? Or maybe he will return papers that do not belong to him?

"Love at Second Sight"

Photo: eTVnet

Danila and Olesya are a couple in crisis who don’t know what to do with their marriage. Spouses create fictitious accounts on a dating app and start communicating with other people, without even realizing that they are having a dialogue with each other. Will they be able to save their marriage and fall in love with each other again?

“Sisters. Season three"

Photo: eTVnet

The story of three women who together are forced to manage a car service center that they inherited after the death of their father. Once upon a time, with his behavior, he divided his daughters and made them strangers. Now his provincial auto business must unite the quarreling sisters. Olga, Masha and Irina will have to lead a team of forty men, simultaneously resolving the contradictions that have accumulated over the years. What complicates the task is that the sisters are extremely different from each other: Irina is a Moscow businesswoman, Olga is an impractical teacher from Rtishchevo, Masha is a hairdresser from Saratov, who dreams of earning a lot of money, but is forced to live with her alcoholic husband.

"Cat Mormotik"

Photo: eTVnet

Like many brothers and sisters, Gosha and Yulia often quarrel over trifles: a boy will ruin her drawing, or a girl will drop his favorite typewriter. To maintain a good relationship, they simply need a magical assistant. This is how Mormotik the Cat is born from old scraps. He becomes the most devoted friend for Gosha and Yulia, searches for lost toys with them and teaches children to be caring and attentive.

"A Lesson in Democracy"

Photo: eTVnet

High school student Vera is running for school president. Her ultimate goal is to be able to personally contact the mayor of the city to help her mother. On this path, Vera faces unfair competition, behind-the-scenes intrigue, a love triangle and the betrayal of a loved one.

"Father's Coast"

Photo: eTVnet

Events unfold in the Urals in the pre-war, war and post-war years. The story is about the Morozov family, two brothers and two sisters: Alexei, Stepan, Alena and Varvara, between whom difficult relationships develop. All the Morozovs will go through the Great Patriotic War, they will all have to learn what real love is, sweeping away all barriers, what inconsolable grief is and what long-awaited happiness is.


Photo: eTVnet

They had been waiting for this for so long, and now the moment has come: the table is set, the wine is bought, and the whole evening is just the two of them. But a sudden ringing of the doorbell ruins the lovers' plans. How to explain everything to your husband? There is no point in making excuses. It's good that there are things more important than love!

"Passion is forbidden"

Photo: eTVnet

Five couples are looking for new emotions to brighten up their life together. They have love, loyalty and respect, and they also have secret desires that are so difficult to admit to their partner.

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