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'It's easy': a high school student from Kazakhstan was invited to study at once by 8 top universities in the world

An excellent student, an athlete, a book lover, the pride of his family and school - this is how they speak about 17-year-old Alexey Kim, a schoolboy from Kazakhstan who managed to enroll in 8 top world universities. How he managed it, writes Otyrar.

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The student talked about his path and gave some advice for his peers who also dream of entering prestigious universities.

Alexey Kim received invitations from 4 US universities: Stony Brook University (New York), Baruch College (New York), City College of New-York (New York), Brooklyn College (New York), as well as from 3 in Canada: Seneca College (Toronto), University of Winnipeg (Winnipeg), Thompson Rivers University (Kalups) and from 1 in the UK: University of South Wales (Cardiff).

First emotions

The applicant received the first invitation on December 16 from his top-choice university.

“I opened my mail every day with a sense of anticipation, since any day a letter could arrive regarding my acceptance or rejection. And when you see text like “Congratulations! “I am pleased to inform you of your admission to…”, you begin to be overwhelmed with positive emotions and you immediately run to your family to share important news,” admitted Alexey Kim, an 11th grade student.

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Flour choice

The applicant has not yet decided on the choice of university, but is more inclined to Stony Brook University, which is among the 1% of the best universities in the world. As for Alexey’s specialty, he had already decided everything long ago.

“I chose Computer Science. I want to create things and programs that, at least a little, will help in the fight against cancer. I am sure that Computer Science is the future of humanity,” he noted.

The key to success

Alexey believes that his motivation letter and good activist activities outside of school decided a lot during admission. In addition, universities are very important to the GPA score, that is, the average score of the report card.

“In the summer, I interned at an IT company, went on a cultural exchange to a camp in South Korea, volunteered, participated in many Olympics, played various sports, etc.,” he shared.

“In general, it’s not as difficult as it seems to get into prestigious universities. You just need to prepare in advance. My preparation began only in the 10th grade, but I was lucky that at that time I knew English quite well and led an active life. Well, for those who realized this too late, just apply to universities with a high acceptance rate,” the graduate advises.

Now Alexey is preparing to graduate from school with excellent marks and plans to get a visa. He wants to be mentally and academically prepared for the start of the school year, and like any student who studies abroad, to have all his teeth cleaned.

Alexey thanks his parents and class teacher. And especially his aunt, who, according to him, was most worried about him. He believes that the support of his loved ones played a big role in his development and admission to universities.

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