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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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'It's like lousy lingering flu': Boris Akunin told how he had been ill with COVID-19

"A strange occupation to talk about how you’re sick with the flu, but so many people are afraid of this damn coronavirus, and there are so few who have fallen ill with them that I decided to share this personal experience ” Boris Akunin writes on his blog Obozrevatel.

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I got sick in the middle of the day on Friday the 13th. (Who read my postwritten that morning will appreciate the humor).

Actually, we both got sick, me and my wife. But she had a very mild form: a day of low temperature, then two days of a headache, and her sense of smell was completely gone (there is such a symptom).

I have a moderate form. It's like lousy lingering flu with high fever. The difference is that there is no improvement. The temperature creeps up to 39, you knock it down with paracetamol. Tomorrow again. And again. And again. This "groundhog day" I enjoyed for ten days. Lying at home, listening to audio books. I knew that only breathing problems needed to be wary In this case, an ambulance will arrive. There were no breathing problems, so the mood was spiteful, but calm.

I was not lucky that I was from the earliest, and in the early days of the disease there was no treatment. On the eleventh day, a doctor with successful experience finally appeared and prescribed me a course of antibiotics. Well, it gradually got better. Here, in fact, the whole story.

Other methods have appeared. They are still experimental, but they help a lot. In general, the later you become ill, the easier it will be to cure you - this is the main point of observing quarantine. But of course, do not take any antibiotics themselves and especially hydroxychloroquine without a doctor’s prescription.

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What worries me most is not the virus, but the psychosis around it. Please do not bully yourself. It is very dangerous. Do not post all sorts of horrors that overwhelmed the Internet. All these “photographs of the lungs affected by the coronavirus”, “coffins in Bergamo”, descriptions of the horrors of lonely death, etc. Think about how many impressionable, suspicious, nervous people are around. Psychosis and self-hypnosis are now the main danger.

Be careful, act responsibly, but don't panic. And help those who are in self-isolation. Especially old and sick. In England, a campaign is underway to recruit volunteers online: who can go grocery shopping, take a walk with a dog, etc. Hundreds of thousands of people are recorded. There is a special demand for those who have already been ill. When I do a test confirming immunity (the test should appear next week), I will also be sure to register. I will walk with dogs, is it bad.

In general, breathe evenly. Time works for us. Society and medicine are rapidly mobilizing. Let us consider this epidemic as an incentive for the development of mutual assistance and organization. We are all on the same front line, and this rarely happens.

The original column is published on Obozrevatel.

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