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'It was terrible': In Vermont, a bear attacked a woman, but she managed to escape thanks to a flashlight

In Vermont, a woman went outside her property to let her dog out for a walk. As a result, the dog chased the bear cub, and his mother attacked the mistress of the dog. Writes about it USA Today.

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In Winhall, Vermont, Sara Dietl, 43, suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries in an extremely rare bear attack. This has happened four times in the history of the state.

The she-bear lunged at Dietl and knocked her down. Then the woman's head was in the animal's mouth.

“She ran out of the dark,” Dietl recalled. The bear ran straight towards me. It was terrible".

The victim's partner, Robert Montuoro, heard her cries for help, went outside and hit the animal on the head with a powerful flashlight he had brought with him. The she-bear released Dietl, with whom Montuoro hurried inside.

But the predator did not give up.

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“As soon as I dragged Sarah into the house, the animal tried to break into the house,” said Montuoro, who slammed the door in the face of the angry mother of the baby and called 911. “I was horrified.”

Dietl was taken to Southern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington, where she had 15 staples inserted into her scalp and treated for wounds to her arm, face, and side.

The incident at Winhall happened around 22:00 pm. Hunting inspectors spent almost 3,5 hours looking for a bear, a cub and a dog of the victim. Not finding them, they decided to rest and resume their search the next morning.

The dog returned home on its own and was unharmed.

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Col. Justin Steadman, director of the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, said bear encounters this year are at "the highest level." This is the second case in the state in a year.

He believes that the increase in such sightings is due to a number of factors, including an increase in the population of bears and people, a lack of natural food for animals this season due to lack of rain, and abnormal temperatures throughout the region this autumn.

Stedman recommends that residents better guard food sources as well as trash cans. Even carnivores eating ornamental gourds have been seen in the area.

“Bears are intelligent creatures,” the official said. “They get used to associating people with food because they feed the birds or take out the trash. The bears don't want to worry about it. Such circumstances teach bears to people, and over time, everything only gets worse.”

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