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If everything is difficult with the school: how to provide a child with a good education in quarantine

The start of a new school season this year has been challenged by the COVID-19 epidemic. In an effort to avoid the risk of infection of children, many schools have opted for distance or mixed classes.

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But not all educational institutions were ready to reorganize to the new format. As teachers and parents note, lessons from home require more self-discipline from students; some children find it difficult to assimilate material by seeing a teacher only on a computer screen. Virtual communication worsens the contact between student and teacher, which makes children shy to ask questions, and teachers find it more difficult to explain difficult points, especially when it comes to the exact and natural sciences.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many parents think about additional activities for the child, because not every mom or dad is able to explain school topics to children in an accessible way, or simply do not have time for this. But no one has canceled exams in the future and they will not do any favors to the “quarantine children”.

As shown research the Israeli Institute "Shoresh", the main and almost the only school subject that significantly affects the salary in the future is mathematics, so it is certainly not worth starting it.

“Today, practically no specialty is complete without mathematics, even if it is not obvious at first glance. And even more so, practically no profession can do without the basics of programming, ”the director of the New York School of Continuing Education agrees with them. Advanced Academic Programs Tatiana Portnaya.

Director of the school Tatiana Portnaya. Photo courtesy of Advanced Academic Programs

Advanced Academic Programs offers programs in mathematics, physics, chemistry, robotics, programming, engineering and other STEM disciplines, and also, says Tatiana, compares favorably with other similar schools.

“Firstly, all our teachers have a mandatory mathematics education - even those who work with children from elementary grades. For example, our department of natural sciences is headed by a physicist with a PhD degree and teaching experience at the university, ”explained the director.

“In addition, we are ready to study with all students, including those who have some difficulties with mathematics. I also remember from Russia that well-known tutors often agreed to study only with talented children, being sure that they would enter a university anyway, which means they would not ruin the teacher's reputation. Not all courses and tutors are ready for difficulties or, let's say, for an additional level of stress, for example, for preparing children for the Olympiad, ”she added.

At the same time, Tatyana Portnaya notes: in the near future, difficulties will objectively arise, since not all schools were able to restructure their course programs to the format of distance learning.

“It often happens that a child receives a set of tasks at school, but he was not explained the connection between the topics and the logical algorithms on which mathematics is based. As a result, it can be very difficult for children to understand the subject. That is why it is so important that teachers have a math education, and not just the skills they learned from school. The mathematician sees the logical relationship between the topics, he understands how the knowledge given in each section can be useful for students in the future, he notices where gaps appear in children, ”Tatiana emphasizes.

At the moment Advanced Academic Programs offers online courses, as well as offline programs (they are carried out in compliance with all epidemiological protection measures so that the process of acquiring additional knowledge does not in any way turn into health threats for the child).

Photo courtesy of Advanced Academic Programs

Moreover, online classes in Advanced Academic Programs Is not the same as at school. The teachers of this institution have experience in this format, they are armed with time-tested programs and distance learning methods. Groups include no more than 4-10 people, which helps teachers to individually work with each student, involving him in the process and monitoring progress.

“We try, among other things, to solve the problems that arise due to the fact that it is difficult for a particular student to find a common language with a teacher. In addition, we group children not only according to their level of knowledge, but also depending on their needs. For example, some need help with the school curriculum, someone is aimed at a deeper study of mathematics, and someone wants to prepare for the Olympiads. But it happens that a child moves from one level to another, because, having coped with the first difficulties, he may want more, ”says Tatiana.

The headmaster personally monitors the progress of students using his experience of teaching at universities and monitoring schools, as well as the knowledge that a PhD degree in mathematics gives. She regularly adjusts individual curricula based on the capabilities and talents of each.

Lessons are held on Saturdays, Sundays and after school hours on weekdays. In addition to mathematically oriented subjects in full-time format, students can be offered classes in languages, music and art with invited teachers.

Photo courtesy of Advanced Academic Programs

The demand for additional education is now very high, which has led to an increase in institutions offering such services and promising excellent results. However, teaching a child is not an easy process, it requires specially designed programs, proven methods and experience in finding an approach to each student. Therefore, when choosing a school, you should give preference to institutions that have been on the market for a long time - they definitely have proven programs and experience in working with different children.

In addition, in our age of huge volumes of information, the advice of the Russian naturalist Timiryazev is more relevant than ever: “You need to know a little about everything, but all about a little”. So with the choice of school - teachers cannot and should not know everything about everything, but must be experts in the field in which they teach. This ensures that your child receives quality and up-to-date knowledge. Therefore, specialized schools are often more effective than those that promise to make the child a genius of all sciences. This is hardly possible, and indeed not necessary in the modern world.

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