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If there is no money, return something old and unnecessary to the store: Costco's return policy shocked Americans

Membership at Costco seems to have its advantages, including a generous return policy. A TikTok user claiming to be a Costco employee recently posted a video on social media that featured some of the more interesting refund requests. Writes more about them Fox News.

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TikTok user Hannah, as well as another employee, filmed their responses to "the questions we constantly receive when we receive refunds."

"I have used these sheets for 5 years, can I return them?" - heard from the employee's video.

This is followed by the answer: “Yes! You will receive a full refund. "

The next question was: "Can I return the tree after Christmas?"

And again the answer came: “Yes! You will receive full compensation. "

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Finally Hannah wrote that clients asked, "Can I return the pie, even if there is only a quarter of it left?"

It was amazing to hear in response: “Of course! You will get your money back. "

Since Hannah posted the video, it has received 3 million views and thousands of comments.


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One commentator wrote: “Costco can refund a person's membership fee if they abuse the refund policy. My husband was warned. "

Someone added, "My husband works at Costco, and one day a woman brought an empty bottle of wine because he gave her a headache."

“I could never do that,” another person wrote. "I would be ashamed."

According to the Costco website, members have a "100% Risk Free Product Satisfaction Guarantee."

“We guarantee your satisfaction with every product we sell and will refund your purchase price, with a few exceptions,” the website says.

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These exceptions apply to electronics (although it can be returned within 90 days), diamonds larger than 1,00 carats (although buyers can return a diamond if they have all the original paperwork), cigarettes, and alcohol.

Other items that cannot be returned for a full refund include certain products, such as tires or batteries, which have a limited expected life, and custom-made items according to the customer's wishes.

For other items eligible for full refund, Costco claims that “restrictions apply,” although the website does not indicate which ones.

To return goods, the company says, customers can bring the returned goods to “any Costco warehouse,” where the service department will process the return. You need to have a receipt and product packaging with you.

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