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Emirates Airline will pay for medical treatment, hotel quarantine and even funeral if you catch COVID-19 while traveling

Emirates Airline has a new strategy to boost ticket demand from passengers amid the global pandemic: coronavirus insurance. If during the trip one of the passengers is diagnosed with COVID-19, the airline in Dubai will cover their medical expenses up to 150 euros (about $ 000), and will also pay 176 euros ($ 000) per day for quarantine costs - for example, a number at the hotel - for up to two weeks. Writes about it Business Insider.

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And if the worst happens, Emirates will give 1500 euros (about $ 1) for the passenger's funeral.

The insurance is available for flights until October 31, 2020. It is valid for 31 days from "the moment you take the first flight, and insures you, even if you go to another city." Testing costs are not covered.

Dubai Airport, which operates two of the city's airports, has also introduced a new test requirement for passengers. Beginning August 1, anyone flying to, from, or via the city's airports is expected to test negative for COVID-19 within the past 96 hours. Travelers may need to show a copy of the test results.

The airline has suffered more than most because it only flies internationally: despite a modest recovery in domestic and some regional travel demand, long-haul flights have hardly recovered.

At Emirates Airlines, demand fell by nearly 90%, airline president Tim Clarke said, although the airline has managed to retain some of its revenue by moving from passenger to freight.

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The airline provides insurance against COVID-19 through NEXtCARE, a representative of the Allianz insurance company. Emirates said the insurance is free and applied automatically, no additional registration is required.

“This is an investment on our part, but we put our customers first and we believe they will welcome this initiative,” said Emirates Group CEO Sheikh Ahmed bin Said Al Maktoum.

While Emirates is the first airline to offer coverage of the virus-related medical and quarantine costs, various airlines and travel stakeholders have also tried to boost customer confidence during the pandemic. Uzbekistan offered $ 3000 to visitors who contracted the virus while traveling, while Cyprus offered to cover the costs of accommodation and medicines for visitors.

However, fear of paying for COVID-19 treatment is not the only limitation on international travel. Various border closures, travel restrictions and quarantine requirements have made travel overseas technically difficult, if not impossible, for many. At the same time, the cancellation of conferences and other events eliminated the need to travel a lot.

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