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Elena Solovey - 70: how the star of Soviet cinema lives in the USA

Screenshot from video

Screenshot from video

The famous Soviet actress Elena Solovey in 1991, she immigrated to the United States with her husband, artist Yuri Pugach, and children. She lives in a suburb of New York and teaches at a children's drama school. A few years ago she had a group for adults who are passionate about theater. The other day, the actress celebrated her 70 anniversary.

The star of Soviet cinema spoke about her life in the USA in an interview Komsomolskaya Pravda.

She is still recognized on the street: young people come up and admit that as a child they watched "Slave of Love" or "Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano."

Screenshot from video

Screenshot from video

In Russia, she had an interesting, rich creative life, it is still surprising that this sought-after, successful actress left the country where her audience remained.

“Actually, I didn't think about a career as an actress when I moved to the USA. I immediately decided for myself: now I am just a mother of a family who should take care of her children. But, to be honest, I can't even imagine how I could fit into American cinema. I have English with a European accent. In a movie, I could only play an emigrant, ”said Nightingale, noting that she is quite satisfied with the tiny roles that are offered to her in the United States.

In her opinion, to win Hollywood, in addition to talent, you need a great desire, and she didn't have it.

“Before moving to America, I had so many good, extraordinary, amazing things that I was aware that I would not be able to enter the same river twice,” the artist explained.

Screenshot from video

Video screenshot

Nightingale said that her children found themselves in professions that are far from acting.

“The son is engaged in biology, the daughter in molecular anthropology. Our children have been living separately for a long time. When I try to give advice to my daughter, she says to me: “Mom, there are only professors around you, and you teach everyone to live!”. Children flew out of their parent's nest long ago. The daughter lives in Germany, the son - in America. But thanks to Skype, we constantly see each other, and I can watch my grandchildren grow up even at a distance, ”said the People's Artist of the USSR.

Over a half-century career in cinema, Elena Solovey starred in more than 60 films, most of them in the USSR, and received a number of prestigious awards: 1976 - a diploma for the best performance of a female role in the film "Slave of Love" from the "Mosfilm" film studio;

1980 - International Film Festival in Oxford - Prize "Silver Shield of Oxford" for the best performance of the leading female role in the film "A few days in the life of II Oblomov"; 1981 - Cannes Film Festival - Best Supporting Actress Award for Fact.

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