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Electric or gasoline: which car is cheaper to maintain

Consumer Reports magazine calculated how much it costs to maintain and repair gasoline-powered cars, hybrids and electric vehicles, writes "Voice of America".

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The estimated range for a vehicle in the United States is 200 miles (000 kilometers). That is how much, subject to high-quality and timely service, a car can serve an American. To estimate the cost of repairs over this "lifespan" of the car, the publication used data from surveys of thousands of car owners in the United States, which were conducted in 321 and 000.

According to the data obtained, on average, owners of cars with internal combustion engines spend $ 9 on car repairs during such a mileage. Electric car owners spend $ 200 on repairs for the same mileage.

“Electric cars do not require as much maintenance as cars with internal combustion engines. While they also need repairs, they are less likely to do so, ”explains Abe Shengar, director of Automotive Testing at Consumer Reports. "In addition to the fact that electric vehicles need to be repaired less often, they also outperform their gasoline counterparts in driving characteristics and do not emit harmful pollution into the atmosphere."

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The publication also analyzed the maintenance costs of the so-called Plug-in hybrids. These are machines that can be charged from the mains, but also equipped with an internal combustion engine. On average, owners of such cars spend on repairs as much as owners of all-electric cars. This conclusion may become an impetus for those who do not dare to switch to an electric car. The transitional option, plug-in hybrid, will also save half of the repair costs compared to a traditional gasoline car.

True, the cost of repairing hybrids in the first 50 miles (000 kilometers) is almost double the cost of repairing electric cars. After this run, the costs of repairing both types of cars coincide, and at the end of the service life, repairing an electric car is more expensive.

Estimated cost of repair and maintenance per mile (BEV - Electric Vehicle, PHEV - Plug-in Hybrid, ICE - Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle):

Thus, over the course of their “life”, electric cars and hybrids save their owners up to $ 4 on maintenance compared to gasoline cars.

Consumer Reports is an American non-profit organization that independently tests products sold in the United States. The organization was founded in 1936.

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