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Efficiency 100%: in the United States created a vaccine that protects against all coronaviruses and their strains

American scientists announced a breakthrough in the creation of a new type of vaccine against the coronavirus family, says "Voice of America".

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The first tests carried out on animals showed that the vaccine effectively suppressed the coronavirus. Moreover, not only COVID-19.

“With vaccinated animals, we found we could completely suppress SARS-COV-2,” said Kevin Sanders, researcher at Duke Human Vaccine Institute. “Unexpectedly for us, it also turned out that infection with other SARS-related viruses was suppressed.”

SARS, or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Virus, belongs to a subset of diseases caused by coronaviruses. The relevance of the study is due to the fact that COVID-19 and similar infections tend to constantly mutate.

“Some of these mutated viruses are more infectious than others and cause more severe disease,” says Bart Haynes, director of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute. “Thus, the new coronavirus vaccine, if proven effective, will not only induce immune responses that protect against the original SARS-COV-2 virus, but also against mutated subtypes of the virus.”

The vaccine research institute at Duke University said that the vaccine they are creating is different from the Pfizer and Moderna, which have been released on the market, developed using coronavirus RNA.

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“This vaccine is made using a different technology. It is not a genetic vaccine like the RNA vaccines currently used in the first generation of COVID vaccinations, ”explains Haynes.

According to the developers, the vaccine is based on a technology using nanoparticles that attack a specific receptor for the coronavirus spike protein, which binds the virus to a human cell. Thus, the proteins of the coronavirus become extremely vulnerable to cross-attacking antibodies produced by the human immune system. Scientists call the developed technology universal.

“We used the same nanoparticle vaccine design for SARS-COV-2 for the HIV vaccine. We literally swapped the components of the HIV vaccine and the SARS-COV-2 vaccine, ”explains Kevin Sanders.

The mention of the HIV vaccine is no coincidence. Duke University emphasized that research and development of a vaccine against human immunodeficiency virus and coronavirus is taking place in parallel.

“All available HIV vaccine developments have been used to urgently develop a vaccine against COVID-19,” says Haynes.

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Scientists are encouraged by animal tests. In tests on primates, whose immune system is believed to be closest to that of humans, the nanoparticle vaccine blocked COVID-19 infection by 100%.

“As a result of this study, we saw a high response rate not previously seen with other vaccines,” Sanders said. - We found that the vaccine suppresses the multiplication of the virus in the nose. Many vaccines currently available are not as effective as in the lungs at preventing the virus from multiplying in the nose. A virus that multiplies in the nose can spread more easily from one person to another. So it is necessary to suppress its reproduction in the same way as the spread of a virus in the lungs. ”

Duke University says the vaccine is ready for human trials. They expect that if clinical tests are successful, their development could be useful for the next pandemic. The vaccine, as a constructor, can be adapted to a new type of coronavirus.

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