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Reagan was looking for her: the remains of the missing 34 girl were found a year ago

In 1984, Weld County, Colorado was stunned by the loss of 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews. The last time the girl was seen at the Christmas concert of the school choir. This case attracted the attention of then-President Ronald Reagan, writes CBS News.

Photo: CBS News screenshot

Recently, the police received a signal that the builders found human remains, they belonged to Matthews, who would have turned 47 years old.

During a concert in 1984, Jonella performed in the choir of Franklin High School and stood on a ladder decorated with garlands. She was a student of the 7 class and worked in the Church of the Nazarene in Sunny View.

After the concert, the girl was taken home by a friend and father of a friend.

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She was last seen on 20: 00 on December 20, entering home. Jonella lived with her father Jim, his mother Gloria and her sister Jennifer. No one was arrested in connection with her disappearance.

After months of investigation, the Jonell case, like other cases of missing children, attracted the attention of President Reagan. The presidential administration opened a national center for missing children, where there was a free hotline. Then Reagan said that more than a million children disappear every year. He called on members of the National Association of Newspapers to publish photographs of missing children as part of the “mission of mercy”.

Reagan said: "Jonell could celebrate her 13's birthday, but she was gone five days before Christmas."

Last year, the police of the city of Greeley on the 34 anniversary of her disappearance stated that they hoped to solve this case and bring modern technology to it.

Now the police do not comment on the ongoing investigation, but notes that the investigators are “tirelessly” working to find out how the girl died and to find the perpetrators.

Jonelle's sister, Jennifer Mogensen, recalled that her sister was “a strong, independent, self-confident 12-year-old. She knew what she wanted and how to achieve it. ”

Mogensen recalled that on the night of her sister’s disappearance she played basketball, and when her sister was brought home, there was no one at home, because her father was at the game, and her mother was outside the state.

Jonell went missing when their father returned home near 20: 30, Mogensen said.

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“I am grateful that the case was finally closed after 34 years. This exposes some old wounds and perhaps a few more questions about what happened. But we have already received so much love and support, ”says Mogensen.

Mogensen lives in Washington State, she said that their parents, Jim and Gloria Matthews, are retired and live in Costa Rica.

The remains of the girl found the builders who dug the pipeline. During the work, they discovered bones.

Weld County Sheriff Steve Rims said the case was being considered a murder investigation.

Grills is about 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Denver. The remains were found along a rural road southeast of Greeley.


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