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Unified Tax Code: Russia and Belarus take the first step towards unification

The authorities of Russia and Belarus are planning to begin work on a single tax code, said Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei in an interview with RBC. The integration map of the two countries is planned to be agreed by December 8.

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Makei stressed that a number of obstacles and disagreements must be eliminated before the start of deep integration, one of which is the tax maneuver in the oil sector in Russia. Other controversial issues include supplies of agricultural and industrial products and prices for gas and oil. Air force.

The tax maneuver provides for the zeroing of export duties on oil and petroleum products within six years, as well as an increase in the tax on mining for three years.

Earlier, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko noted that the Russian tax maneuver caused a decrease in revenues to the Belarusian budget from export customs duties on petroleum products.

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Political goal

According to Makei, the creation of a single emission center or the introduction of a single currency for the two countries has not yet been discussed, the document being prepared also does not provide for in-depth political integration.

“There are no political issues related to the creation of the federation, the confederation is not there and will not be there. I repeat once again that sovereignty for both states is sacred, and Belarus does not intend to sacrifice it for the sake of some opportunistic considerations, ”Makei explained.

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According to him, the creation of a joint tax code looks like a political goal, and work on the document should be carried out for at least several months, or even years.

“But nevertheless, this goal is indicated. And I think that our specialists will work out all the issues related to the preparation of this document, ”the minister added.

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Inappropriate provisions

During the negotiations on integration, Russia proposed to Belarus to include in the action program some provisions that were absolutely unacceptable for the Belarusian side, says Makei. Among these provisions is the creation of several supranational structures.

“The presidents (Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko), when they met in St. Petersburg, discussing these issues, unequivocally said that these proposals do not correspond to the provisions of the treaty, and there is no point in even discussing them,” the minister said.

Makei also said that Minsk and Moscow have not yet discussed the deployment of a Russian military base in Belarus.

“As for the proposal itself - whether or not to place a base on the territory of Belarus - you know, given the development of modern technologies, there is no point in such a decision,” he said.

As the minister explained, technology is already allowing Russia to launch a missile strike anywhere on the planet directly from its territory, which, according to Makei, makes the construction of a military base in Belarus pointless.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Russia and Belarus agreed to partially combine economies, and in fact, it is about creating a confederate state, the Kommersant newspaper wrote on September 16. According to the publication, the document stipulates the following provisions: adoption of a single Tax Code; creation of a single regulator of electricity, gas, oil and oil products markets; customs policy integration; common principles of banking and financial supervision; agreements on common principles of “special economic measures”; mutual cancellation of roaming. As reported, in Minsk at that time the news was called "idle journalistic cliches."
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