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Joe Biden is thinking about participating in the presidential race.

Biden, who may run for the presidential election, met with Obama.

On Monday, Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama held an informal meeting. In the meantime, Washington is increasingly saying that Biden may run for the Democratic Party’s presidential election.

If Biden joins the presidential race, he will have to compete with another former high-ranking representative of the Obama administration - former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is currently leading among potential Democratic candidates.

Obama has not yet supported any of his possible successors, and often spoke of both Biden and Clinton with praise. According to White House press secretary Josh Ernest, the president can support one or another potential candidate and, of course, support the one the Democrats will eventually nominate.

As Ernest said on Monday, Obama said that when, in 2008, he decided to make Biden a candidate for the position of vice president, it “was his wisest political decision.”

“I think this can give you some idea of ​​what the president thinks about Vice President Biden and his ability to hold the highest position,” Josh Ernest said.

If Biden really decides to fight for the White House, the opinions of members of the administration and all those who support the Democrats can split. Many Democrats hope that Clinton will become the first woman president in the history of the country, while in other democratic countries of the West women have been elected for the highest positions for several decades. However, they admire 72-year-old Biden, who has been a senator for a long time, and has been successfully working as a vice-president for the last six and a half years.

Biden has twice put forward his candidacy for participation in the presidential elections from the Democratic Party - in 1988 and 2008, and now, apparently, seriously considering the possibility of a third attempt. In recent days, he has talked on the phone with potential donors who could fund his campaign, and met with one of the most influential lawmakers.

On Saturday, Biden interrupted his visit to his native state of Delaware to dine at the official residence in Washington with Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts. She is favored by progressive democrats, but she refused to nominate herself. Warren, actively opposing the dominance of large financial corporations, has not yet supported any of the potential candidates, including Clinton.

Biden began to seriously consider the possibility of nominating his candidacy after, according to survey results, Clinton’s position began to weaken due to the scandal surrounding her using her personal account for official correspondence during the tenure of state secretary during Obama’s first term.

Voters will start voting in February, when the primaries begin, the results of which will put forward candidates from both parties, and then, in November, the Americans will elect a new president.

Particularly stubborn fighting should be between potential Republican candidates, the number of which this time is 17. Currently, among them, according to polls, the lead billionaire Donald Trump.

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