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Jeff Bezos makes more money per minute than the average American does in a year.

In 2018, Amazon’s online retailer founder Jeff Bezos was so rich that he sometimes earned more per minute than the average American family in a year and a half.

At the beginning of 2018, the capital of Amazon’s CEO for the first time reached an 12-digit number, and by the end of this year reached 132 a billion dollars. Bezos is now one and a half times richer than the second richest man on the planet, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, writes Time.

Photo: twitter / Jeff Bezos @JeffBezos

Bezos’s basic salary for the CEO’s position is quite modest and amounts to 81 840 dollars per year, total expenses for his security and other payments amount to 1 681 840 dollars a year. But his tremendous wealth comes from Amazon’s 16% of Amazon’s shares, to date this share of the shares is worth about 125 billions of dollars.

If you compare the wealth of Bezos (including his assets) with the salaries of his employees, then once he earned more money for 10 seconds than half of Amazon employees for the whole 2017 year (the average salary of an employee in 2017 was $ 28 446). Although this figure may vary depending on fluctuations in the value of Amazon shares, and, accordingly, the state of Bezos.

Since Amazon published payroll data to the company, Bezos has announced an increase in the minimum wage of the employees of the online giant to 15 dollars per hour, starting in November 1 on 2018.

It will be several months before the average salary of Amazon employees in 2018 is known. But it’s not hard to calculate, based on Bezos’s announcement, that the lowest paid employees will receive $ 15 an hour. If these employees work 40 hours a week for 52 weeks, then their salary is about $ 30 per year - slightly more than last year.

On September 4, 2018, when Bezos' capital reached $ 168 billion, it took an entrepreneur a minute to earn $ 160 - it would take almost five and a half years for employees earning the minimum wage at Amazon to earn that amount. And on January 2, when Bezos' net worth was at its lowest in 2018, he was earning $ 67 a minute, which would have taken his lowest-paid employees more than two years to earn that amount.

At a time when the company announced an increase in the minimum wage, Amazon shares began to react to market fluctuations, and, like everyone else in the country, Bezos was faced with periodic losses and profits.

His personal state throughout the year several times decreased and increased. But it was not so bad, if we start from the earnings of the average American.

Even on the worst day of the year, when 26 October Bezos lost 11 billion dollars due to market fluctuations (7,5% of his capital), he could easily fall asleep, knowing that on average that day he earned 87 500 dollars per minute. According to the US Census Bureau, the average income of an American family is 60 336 dollars per year, which means that the average US household takes almost 1,5 a year to earn as much as Bezos earns in one minute.

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