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Jeb Bush boasted a personal weapon on the social network. User reaction

Photo: Facebook Jeb Bush

The Republican contender for the US presidential nomination, Jeb Bush, sparked public controversy by posting a photo of his signature pistol on his official Twitter account.

A photograph of a pistol, on the cover of which the name of Bush is engraved, is a politician escorted in just one word: America.


As a result, Internet users began to actively argue about the acceptability and correctness of the association of their country with firearms.

In addition, users began to compete in wit and offer other characters, claiming, in their opinion, to be national.





Among them were, in particular, fast food restaurants.

On the handle of the pistol, which Bush signed with the word "America", you can see the emblem of the Belgian arms company Erstal. The pistol itself is similar to the FNP, which is actually produced by the American subsidiary of the Belgian company.

Recently, a discussion has reversed in the US around the need to limit the circulation of firearms in the country. The occasion was several incidents in which civilians were shot from legally acquired weapons.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier, in early January, current US President Barack Obama has achieved tightening the rules for the sale of firearms in the country. From him died more Americans than from wars, aids and terrorists.

Over the 2015 year, the US Transportation Security Service (TSA) removed Thousands of dangerous items at the passengers who tried to get with them on the plane. Among the confiscated property were many exotic weapons, including an ax made from the animal's jaw, and throwing knives in the form of the emblem of the superhero Batman.

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