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Jeb Bush openly “attacks” Trump. VIDEO

Republican Jeb Bush made a direct attack on Donald Trump on Tuesday in response to a series of personal insults, criticizing the leading Republican challenger for having supported the Democrats in the past.

Bush’s campaign headquarters posted a video on the Internet using Trump’s own words in support of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and the introduction of a universal health care system, higher taxes and late pregnancy abortions. Bush used this as evidence that Trump is not a conservative.

The video uses a fragment where Trump, in response to a TV presenter's question about whether he is a Republican or a democrat, said: “You would be shocked if I said that in many cases I would rather identify myself as a democrat.”

62-year-old Bush was among those contenders for the Republican nomination, whose positions suffered due to a sharp increase in the popularity of Trump this summer. According to the averaged results of the Real Clear Politics center, Bush ranks third with 9,5 percent of votes, trailing behind Trump, who is supported by 26,5 percent of voters, and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who got 12 percent.

This video, along with other Bush comments, demonstrates that the ex-governor of Florida is ready to attack Trump more decisively than other Republicans do, and it is likely that the next Republican debates that will take place on September 16 in California a heated discussion may occur.

Bush’s video was published the day after Trump’s election campaign posted a video on the Internet for Bush’s conviction that immigration is an “act of love.” The authors of the video have accompanied his statement with photos of three illegal immigrants suspected of being killed or convicted of him.

Speaking to reporters in Miami on Tuesday and responding to questions about Trump’s attacks, Bush said he considered criticizing an opponent largely motivated by personal reasons.

In a video made by the Bush campaign, Trump speaks highly of Hillary Clinton, the former US secretary of state and leading candidate from the Democratic Party, noting her contributions to the negotiations with Iran, while the rest of the Republicans criticized the nuclear deal the administration concluded with the country.

“If you remember what Trump believes in, it turns out that he supports the Democrats,” Bush told reporters in Miami. “This man is not a conservative. And since we use his own words, this cannot be called a false interpretation. He said so himself. ”

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