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Two Florida women dress up as grandmothers to receive COVID-19 vaccinations

In Florida, two women deliberately transformed themselves into old women - such a trick they took to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The edition told in more detail Insider.

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Dr. Raul Pino of the Florida Department of Health said both women walked into the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando wearing hats, gloves and glasses.

“We learned that a couple of young women disguised themselves as grandmothers to get the second vaccination,” Pino said. "I don't even know how they did it the first time."

Although the couple provided authentic vaccination cards, the medical professionals who were about to vaccinate them noted that the ladies "looked funny."

The staff of the center called the deputies, and the women were issued warnings of wrongdoing.

The officers said the "old ladies" used their real names on the vaccination cards, but gave false dates of birth.

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To be eligible for the vaccine in Florida, people must be 65 years of age or older, have a health problem, or be a healthcare professional, staff member, or living in a nursing home.

According to the officers, in fact, the women were 34 and 44 years old.

Pino said that as more people try to get vaccinated at the Orange County Convention Center, the center's security has been increased.

“There were several violators. They are all different and have a creative approach to deception, ”he stressed.

Questions about whether these women, dressed as senior citizens, actually received their first COVID-19 vaccination and how they did so remain valid, Pino said.

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“So we need to find out: did we really vaccinate them, when it happened, what happened, what day, what time. It is necessary to find out if there are any holes and loopholes in the vaccination process that allow people to do this, ”he said.

Florida was one of the first states to vaccinate its residents, resulting in an influx of visitors from other states.

Tourists flocked to Florida in January until the state enacted a public health recommendation requiring people to show proof of residence before being vaccinated.

A couple of New York real estate tycoons, a dozen Argentine corporate executives, and a popular Mexican TV presenter were vaccinated in the state before the rules changed.

On Thursday, February 18, the Florida Department of Emergency Management said the delivery of the Moderna vaccine from the federal government had been delayed due to severe weather in the United States.

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