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Two dog friends did not want to part and touched the Internet users: now they live together with new owners

Two pit bulls from an animal shelter in Minnesota became popular after one of them jumped over a wall to reunite with his best friend. And it all happened just before National Best Friends Day. The edition told in more detail USA Today.

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Dogs Brenda and Linda were taken to Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control in Minneapolis on May 22.

The shelter workers think that Brenda is 4 years old and Linda is 7.

At first they lived in separate enclosures, but soon Brenda climbed over the wall separating them to reunite with her best friend.

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The dogs came to the shelter after living in the home of a local woman. During their time there, they became quite close, said Madison Weissenborn, the shelter's volunteer coordinator.

Initially, the dogs were placed in an enclosed area of ​​the shelter to make sure they were healthy enough to join everyone.

According to Weissenborn, Brenda was a little more outgoing and confident, while Linda took a while to feel safe in the shelter. First, Brenda was transferred to the adoption floor, and then Linda followed her.

“Once we moved them to the adoption floor, we were able to find two places next to each other,” she remarked. “After a few minutes, Brenda jumped over the partition.”

In a short video, Brenda, a brown pit bull, jumps on a fence and uses her paws to pull herself up and jump down to her friend.

Once the dogs were back together, they began to run around the small space and made their way to the back of the enclosure, presumably to play and rejoice at the reunion.

At first the staff thought it was a mistake.

Weissenborn and her colleague walked through the building handing out treats to the pets. When they approached Linda, they found that Brenda and Linda were waiting for goodies together.

At first they thought that someone had accidentally put the dogs together. When they checked the surveillance footage, they saw what really happened: Brenda just missed her girlfriend.

This will brighten everyone's day, Weissenborn thought, before sharing the video with volunteers and eventually posting it online.

The dogs were together for about an hour before the team found them. Eventually, they moved into a large enclosure where they stayed together until they were taken away by their new owners.

As a rule, the shelter staff say, the dogs here have their own space so that they can move around, play, sleep and do whatever they want until they find a permanent home for them.

When the girlfriends reunited, they constantly played together.


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“We thought that since they are so happy, we can’t separate them,” Weissenborn admitted.

By posting the video online, she wanted to let people know that the dogs are ready for adoption and clearly don't want to be separated.

Videos and news articles prompted one woman to come and pick up both dogs together.

What's next for Brenda and Linda

They were adopted by a woman who recently lost her own dog. She saw the radiance of Brenda's personality on the screen, saw her determination to get to Linda, and knew she had to take them home together.

“It was true love at first sight,” said Weissenborn.

The shelter announced online that Linda and Brenda had moved into their new home together and called their journey "Mission Impossible".

The best girlfriends will still live in Minneapolis.

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