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Twenty states have filed a lawsuit against Biden: they demand to cancel the password program for immigrants

20 states have filed a lawsuit to overturn the Biden administration's new password (parole) program for immigrants fleeing the crisis who seek to enter the US, reports Documented.

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Twenty Republican-led states, including Texas and Florida, are asking a Texas judge to end the parole program, which allows people fleeing war, crisis and poverty in Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela to enter the US legally.

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President Biden announced the parole program for four countries - Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela - during a speech on border security and law enforcement earlier this month. It allows up to 30 migrants from these four countries to enter the US every month. Under Section 000 public health policy, other migrants and asylum seekers are expelled to Mexico. More than twice as many people are arriving from these four countries each month as allowed, meaning that many more people will also be expelled.

В claim the states argue that the Biden administration has "no reason" to propose such a parole program. It also "doesn't meet every one of the three limiting factors of the law," the lawsuit asserts: "It's not about specific cases, it's not for urgent humanitarian reasons, and it's not of significant public benefit."

Cuba has been hit hard by the economic crisis, which is characterized, among other things, by extreme inflation, shrinking GDP, shortages of goods, high foreign dependency, and weak economic growth. Venezuela has also been gripped by the crisis and many people have fled the country since 2015. After the assassination of the Haitian president in 2023, the country fell apart, caused by political paralysis, economic recession and banditry. And in Nicaragua, persistent problems include severe restrictions on free speech, political discrimination and severe restrictions on abortion.

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Once in the US, asylum seekers often start their lives from scratch, looking for resources and unfilled jobs to bounce back — all of which is not without new challenges, including, among other things, delayed work permits. US Department of Labor chief Martin Walsh said immigration is the key to solving the US labor shortage, adding that slowing immigration threatens the economy and there are jobs right now but not enough people to fill them.

The states in the lawsuit are asking a judge for the Southern District of Texas, District of Victoria, to "illegal" and "cancel" the parole program.

While states oppose this four-country program, an identical program has been used - without any legal action against it - to allow people from Ukraine and Afghanistan to enter the United States.

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This will be the first major lawsuit against the Biden administration's password program, and it will likely go to Trump-appointed Judge Drew Tipton, who receives all civil cases filed in Victoria County.

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