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Twenty sources of additional income that are gathering dust in your home

Unused items dusting in your home can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. People tend to underestimate the value of their belongings, but customers often enjoy paying serious money for rare or limited items, says Jacques Denny, founder of the “Everything but the House” (EBTH) shopping service. However, even household items can find their buyer, writes Go Banking Rates.

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Regardless of whether you are in a difficult situation or want to carry out a thorough cleaning, look for these 20 things in your house - you can sell them online or in other places.

  1. Apparel

Most likely, you and your loved ones have clothes that gather dust in the closet. If these items are in good condition, then by selling them you can earn. One of the easiest ways to turn old clothes into cash is to hand them over to a thrift store.

To earn more, look for upscale thrift stores with lots of pedestrians nearby. In addition, you should find out which brands and products it accepts and make sure that your clothing meets the standards of this store.

You can also sell items to an online reseller, such as thredUP, who will send you a prepaid package to send your goods.

  1. Designer shoes and bags

If you paid a decent amount for designer shoes or a handbag that you rarely use now, you can get some of your money back by selling these things over the Internet. Economy expert Lauren Greatman said she sold the shoes through Poshmark for 50% of the retail price.

You can take photos of the items you want to sell using the Poshmark app and sell them instantly.

  1. Jewelry

If you have inherited a necklace that is not in your style, or if you have a wedding ring that you no longer wear due to a divorce, you might consider selling these items for cash.

In order not to miscalculate the price, first consult with a specialist. You can find an appraiser living near you on the website of the American Society of Appraisers. And you can sell through an online auction, for example on eBay. Or - a jewelry store, the same pawnshop, but first you need to find out the prices in several stores.

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  1. Computers

Many households have potential cash of $ 400 to $ 800 in the form of unused laptop computers, says Michelle Perry, an expert in consumer technology. Fortunately, sites like Gazelle and NextWorth make it easy to exchange these unnecessary laptops for cash.

Using these sites, sellers can find out the prices for their device. In addition, the delivery of goods purchased through this site is free.

Perry claims that you will receive cash after sending the device. But first, don't forget to erase the data on your gadgets.

  1. Mobile Phones

Used mobile phones are another technique you can sell for cash, even if they are damaged.

“Most devices still have value, even if they are broken or damaged, if they are fully functional and just have a broken screen or need to be replaced with a battery or button,” Perry says.

Sellers can get $ 115 for a 32GB iPhone 7, which is in good condition.

This can be done on sites such as kiiboo and NextWorth, or you can identify your phones at one of over 2000 ecoATM kiosks located in malls across the country.

  1. Gift cards

According to CEB TowerGroup, every year about $ 1 billion is not used on such cards. If you have gift cards that you do not plan to use, then sell them to get additional income on sites such as CardCash, Cardpool and Raise.

These sites buy gift cards for less than face value and then resell them at a discount. For example, you can get up to 92% of the cost of a card in Cardpool.

  1. Books

If you have books that you will never read again, you can easily turn them into money by selling them online. First, check to see if you have any first edition books or autographed books, as these items can be a good source of money.

Waste books can be sold on Amazon. Scan them with the free Amazon Seller app, which reports your current value. It’s important to note that Amazon charges 99 cents per item sold.

You should visit sites like AbeBooks and Biblio to find out the value of your books.

  1. Kids toys

It's no secret that children quickly lose interest in their toys. Don’t be upset - you can make money on this: sell unnecessary toys, especially large, say, kitchen game sets.

If you find some smaller, unnecessary toys, sell them in bulk. You can get from 25 to 50 dollars per box of toys.

  1. Collectible dolls

Maybe you inherited a collection of porcelain dolls from your grandmother? Probably the time has come to get them from the store. According to Denny, people are willing to pay big bucks for collectible dolls.

And those with children playing old American Girl dolls can earn a lot more. These toys are very much appreciated on eBay. For example, a retired Molly McIntyre doll costs more than $ 4.

  1. Furniture

Get extra money by selling unnecessary furniture that is gathering dust in the garage, in the attic or in the basement. And not necessarily through thrift stores offering owners a percentage of the cost. You can advertise your product on Facebook, Craigslist or OfferUp.

Blogger J. Money earned over $ 1000 from Craigslist, including selling furniture. When placing goods on the site, he recommends that you add several images and indicate all sizes. Use keywords in your description (say brand names, etc.). But first, study the prices of similar products. In addition, you must be available by phone or email in order to respond to interested buyers.

  1. Musical Instruments

That guitar or drum kit that you bought several years ago with the intention of creating a band can turn into money if your dreams of rock fame have not come true. J. Mani sold electric guitar, amplifiers, and accessories on Craigslist for $ 225. You can also sell musical instruments online through sites such as Reverb - it takes 3,5% of sales. Or through retailers such as the Guitar Center.

  1. Sporting goods

Bicycles, canoes and fishing gear tend to sell well on EBTH. If you have sporting goods that you bought for yourself or your children, then you can sell them yourself through Craigslist or OfferUp.

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  1. Sports Memorabilia

Did you collect baseball cards or sports jerseys as a child? Now you can exchange these items for much-needed money. And if sports, memorabilia are also signed, then they can become a source of great income.

The more famous the player, the higher the price. For best results, consider evaluating your products to determine their value.

You can find an appraiser through One of the best places to sell sports souvenirs is eBay, which many sports fans use to search for collectibles.

  1. Antiques

If you have an antique that you want to sell, its value will depend largely on its condition, as well as on how rare it is or whether it has historical value.

Small scratches and signs of light wear can slightly increase the cost, but serious damage, on the contrary, will reduce the price.

According to Consumer Reports, the best way to get a good price for antiques is to sell it through an auction house.

  1. Piece of art

Regardless of whether the work of art inherited by you was not to your liking, or whether the acquired items collect dust in the attic, you can sell them for cash.

Regional artworks sell particularly well on EBTH, Denny said. As through auction houses.

  1. Porcelain sets

If you don't like dinner parties, sell the china service you inherited or received as a wedding present from your local thrift store. Porcelain is a popular commodity sold on EBTH, especially the services made by Spode, Lenox and contemporary designers such as Ralph Lauren.

  1. Silver

If among the inherited things there are trays made of pure silver, spoons or other objects, but you do not use them, then earn on them - sell them or sell them as scrap.

If these items have historical value or are branded items, then they can bring more profit from sales than from scrap.

Simple silver products are best sold at a thrift store or at auction, and also taken as scrap.

  1. Savings bonds

Perhaps you received or even bought savings bonds several decades ago. In fact, according to the US Treasury Department, billions of dollars of savings bonds have never been cashed.

Fill out the form to claim lost, stolen or destroyed savings bonds through

  1. Spare parts

Small old or broken appliances also have their value. They can also be sold on eBay. For example, Keurig K-cup holders sell for more than $ 20 on eBay.

  1. Video Games

You can earn money on video games that are no longer popular in your family. Sell ​​them online or at various retail stores. Sites like uSell and NextWorth buy used video games and offer free shipping. In addition, you can sell used video games in retail stores such as GameStop: they can pay in cash or give you credit for purchases at their store.

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