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Two months of life in the USA: impressions of Russian-speaking immigrants

Author of the channel "Russians in America" ​​on Yandex.Zen talks about his impressions after two months of living in the USA. Next - from the first person.

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Hello from sunny Miami! March 7 was exactly 2 months since we live in the USA. The first emotions and impressions subsided, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. What is the result?

Life pretty quickly went into the everyday life: home - work - home. Yes, we have a job, we are working with a girl together. Work is 10 minutes from home, so it takes very little time to get to the road. This is a plus.

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We work 6 days a week, 1 day off. This day is spent on getting enough sleep and doing some household chores, doing laundry, going to the grocery store. Well, or just take a walk.

Is it hard to work 6 days a week? Yes! Especially me. In Russia, for the last 5 years I have worked with a flexible schedule, very often remotely from home. As a rule, around lunchtime I was freed from work and went about my personal affairs. And so on for 5 years. Of course, after this mode of work, it’s hard for me to switch to a “from call to call” schedule. But I knew what I was getting into, so I'm not complaining.

Money. We need about $ 2 for a living, the rest goes to the piggy bank. I will not name the amounts, I will only say that it turns out normally. We do not save on products, but on the whole we try to take responsibility responsibly. We try not to buy any nonsense, although consumer appetite here is growing every day.

For example, the new iPhone 11 Pro costs $ 1. We can afford to buy a new iPhone with one salary from the deferred money, and there will still be. In Russia they couldn’t. The same with all other goods. Despite a small (by American standards) salary, our purchasing power is many times higher than in Russia. However, we try not to succumb to temptations and do not spend money on unnecessary Wishlist.

Same thing with the car. Initially, there were plans to purchase a car. Then they decided that buying a car for trips to the supermarket once a week was unreasonable and expensive. Cheaper to ride on Uber. They didn’t buy a car, but they saved money.

As for homesickness, homeland ... And what is it, this homeland? Dirty sidewalks with puddles, broken roads, streets littered with garbage, gloomy faces, 6 years of economic decline and the general atmosphere of depression in the air ... In my memories, for the most part, it’s something like this.

Of course, someone has a picture before their eyes and the general state of affairs is different, such people will not understand me.

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Sometimes sadness rolls around the house. But then you begin to recall the details of everyday life in Russia - and sadness goes away. Of course, we miss our relatives a lot ...

To summarize: we don’t want to return, the situation has leveled off with finances, but there are still many open questions ahead that will need to be addressed.

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