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Affordable Luxury: The Cheapest Types of Private Jets You Can Charter

Private jets are definitely a luxury available only to those with deep pockets. But there are, of course, aircraft whose cost you can afford. What are the cheapest types of aircraft you can rent, the publication said Simple flying.

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Let's say, leasing a single-engine, six-seat Cirrus Vision SF50 won't cost as much as a 19-seat Gulfstream 700 intercontinental. There are other factors that affect the cost of leasing a private jet, and those numbers vary greatly depending on the company you're leasing the plane from.

But in general, small turboprops are the cheapest, with very light jets next on the cost scale.

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Turboprop aircraft

For short-haul flights, turboprop aircraft are likely your best choice. These aircraft have a relatively small capacity and usually accommodate no more than seven to eight passengers.

If you're taking a short-haul vacation, such as New York to Montauk or Boston to Nantucket, these planes will give you the best value. Prices are variable and largely depend on what time of year you plan to fly. As with traditional commercial airfare, prices in the private jet world depend on supply and demand.

Costs to fly a standard turboprop aircraft, such as the Pilatus PC-12, can start at $1 per hour from companies like EvoJets. Other sites, notably Air Charter Advisors, charge slightly higher prices, ranging from $200 to almost $1 per hour of flight.

However, this is not the full price you will pay for the aircraft, but rather a starting point for determining the cost of billable flight hours. Fuel surcharges, excise taxes and landing fees will all add significantly to the cost of your flight.

Very light jets (VLJ)

If you're looking for something more powerful than the PC-12, the VLJ is the way to go. Very light aircraft have less capacity than some turboprops. The standard option is the Embraer Phenom 100, which seats just four or five passengers, depending on whether one or two pilots fly the aircraft, although most light aircraft require one.

Their fares tend to be higher, ranging from $2 to $500. In addition, all applicable taxes and surcharges discussed earlier will be applied to the price, which will further increase the cost of your flight.

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There is one nuance that makes renting a very light aircraft more profitable from a financial point of view, and that is speed. Because jets fly significantly faster than their turboprop counterparts, the number of paid flight hours is reduced, especially if the distances involved are long. However, for short flights it is better to stick to turboprops.

After all, those looking to charter a private jet likely don't care about the cost. In a world where the environmental costs of private aviation are becoming quite significant, carbon emissions regulations and increased excise taxes on business jets will undoubtedly continue to drive up private jet prices.

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