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How many are given to give a wedding in different states

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The wedding season is in full swing in the USA, which means that the gift market is in full swing. Analysts at Tendr, a website that helps send money transfers as a wedding gift, have done research and found out the average cost of wedding gifts in the United States. The study was conducted based on data on transactions that were made using the site during the wedding season in 2016.

Analysts found that in 2016 the average national gift value was $ 160, but that figure varied from state to state. For example, guests at weddings in Arkansas are willing to give a modest $ 73 as a gift, while guests at weddings in Vermont are willing to give an average of $ 245. In addition, Tendr found that the most generous gifts people leave in the summer are about $ 174 nationwide. In winter, guests leave an average of $ 147, in spring - $ 157 and in autumn - $ 155.

Below is a breakdown by state of the average amount that guests are willing to leave as a wedding gift:

Idaho: $ 95

Iowa: $ 148

Alabama: $ 101

Alaska: $ 150

Arizona: $ 115

Arkansas: $ 73

Wyoming: $ 108

Washington: $ 139

Vermont: $ 158

Virginia: $ 144

Wisconsin: $ 110

Hawaii: $ 146

Delaware: $ 184

Georgia: $ 133

West Virginia: $ 131

Illinois: $ 190

Indiana: $ 86

California: $ 150

Kansas: $ 97

Kentucky: $ 143

Colorado: $ 141

Connecticut: $ 200

Louisiana: $ 101

Massachusetts: $ 167

Minnesota: $ 101

Mississippi: $ 88

Missouri: $ 109

Michigan: $ 104

Montana: $ 138

Maine: $ 158

Maryland: $ 177

Nebraska: $ 115

Nevada: $ 164

New Hampshire: $ 136

New Jersey: $ 198

New York: $ 191

New Mexico: $ 103

Ohio: $ 164

Oklahoma: $ 117

Oregon: $ 105

Pennsylvania: $ 171

Rhode Island: $ 235

North Dakota: $ 86

North Carolina: $ 109

Tennessee: $ 113

Texas: $ 142

Florida: $ 176

South Dakota: $ 142

South Carolina: $ 154

Utah: $ 113.

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