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Extra income from nothing: how to earn up to $5000 a month with a Costco membership

There is a way to earn $5000 a month with a Costco membership. TikToker thewillrivera told on the example of his younger brothers how to do it, reports TheSun.

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TikTokers thewillrivera regularly releases business content to its nearly 220 subscribers.

He recently shared a video of what his younger brothers, aged just 15, are doing to make some serious money.

Videos can be viewed here.

How it works

According to thewillrivera, it can be a simple job that can bring you $5000 a month in profit.

But before starting a part-time job, be aware that you may receive an unexpected tax bill from the IRS. Such additional income is taxable.

"The easiest way to get into this game is to just get a Costco membership," said thewillrivera.

The lowest level Costco membership costs $60 per month. You'll also need an Amazon seller account, which typically costs around $40 per month.

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Once you have a seller account, you can start scanning products and see what they sell on the market.

thewillrivera reported that every other day his brothers go to Costco and scan at least 20 items.

Thus, by comparing prices, they buy goods and make huge profits from selling these items at a higher price. No paperwork is required from Amazon if you're just selling items locally. This means that it costs only $100 to start, and the income can reach $5000 per month.

Also, if you have income from another job, it will be easy to tap into that side job and quadruple your income. According to thewillrivera, which means you can earn a total of $60 a year just from buying and reselling at Costco.

One of the examples of products successfully sold by the brothers thewillrivera, are Premier Protein Shake bottles. An 18-pack can cost $10 at Costco. But when reselling, you can easily make $30 or $40 on just one package, according to thewillrivera. This earns you quite a lot of profit depending on how many products you decide to buy in the first place.

According to thewillrivera, over 50 percent of the US population has an Amazon Prime account, so the market is wide and items sell quickly.

"This is a crazy opportunity for any of you guys watching," said thewillrivera subscribers.

He added that Costco isn't the only place you can shop for resale success.

Sam's Club, Burlington, even Walmart offer low prices on items sold on Amazon at higher prices. “Everything you see has a price and it will probably double on Amazon,” he said.

Tips for a Successful Resale

Beyond simply scanning Costco or Walmart for the best resale deals, consider selling your own used items. They can even cost more than what you'll find in a retail store.

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Thrift stores and used bookshops can offer high value items at incredibly low prices and can be resold.

Amazon also allows users to sell their own books through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Keep in mind that in order to make big profits from this venture, you will need to know how to market yourself and your book.

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